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Every day... for the past week and a half, internet service has gone out. Each time it has a fit, it goes on and off erratically for a good 2-3 hours. Every day.

You see Comcast. The word "outage" implies "oh, something went wrong! We'll fix it!", and it certainly does not mean "Oh yeah, it's gone down for the day. Seeya in a few hours chump, probably tomorrow too.".

I don't pay $60 a month for the ability to gamble on whether or not I get internet.

It would literally be more beneficial for me at this point to just cancel my internet altogether, and use my cell phone through USB tethering for internet on my PC.

Not only would it be more consistent... BUT, it would get me roughly double download and upload speeds. (My cell phone gets 60mbs down and 20-30 up, whereas comcast gives me 25D5-10U)

That's $60 I would rather wipe my fecal crusted anus with and burn in the name of Adolf Hitler.

Here's a list of things I can't do with comcast:

-Have a VOIP call

-play a game

-watch a video

-listen to music

-download anything

-browse ***


And a few things I can do...

I can feel liquid anger coursing through my veins.

I can crack my desk in anger after 6 different skype calls drop because they can't provide internet to me for 10 minutes in a row.

I can play some pokemon go waiting for internet to come back for a few minutes

I think you have the idea.

I hope someone firebombs comcast's headquarters.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: All of the above.

Monetary Loss: $1440.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Sounds like you may have some anger issues to resolve. Hope you don't brought up on domestic terrorism charges for the firebomb comment.

Something tells me you'd do it yourself, but you're too *** to figure out how to do basic tasks.