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This is how my phone call to 1-800-Xfinity went yesterday. It’s not verbatim, you can thank me for that later:

ME: Hi I have an open ticket that I'm calling to check the status of.

COMCAST: Okay, let me verify your information:

Shannon Green

***** R***** C***** Lane

Richmond, TX 7****

(***) ***-****

Account number: ****-**-***-*******

Last 4 digits of social: ****

Shoe size: 7

COMCAST: I see that you have some equipment that needs to be returned.

ME: When I called to move our service from our old address to our new one, the guy I talked to told me to give our old equipment to the technician and he would take care of it for us. I specifically remember this because I thanked him and commented about how convenient that was. I gave the stuff to the technician LIKE I WAS INSTRUCTED TO DO and for the past month I've been getting harassing emails, phone calls and texts from Complete Recovery Corporation (Steven May) telling me I have 3 days to turn in the equipment that I've already turned in.

COMCAST: Have you been to your local Comcast Service Center?

ME: No. Why would I need to go there?

COMCAST: To tell them that you already turned in the equipment.

ME: I'm telling YOU. I've told YOU numerous times. They're Comcast and you're Comcast so what's the difference?!

COMCAST: Did the technician give you a receipt?

ME: No and I didn't realize I should have asked for one. But I have given his name, his phone number and his technician I.D. number to Complete Recovery and to you. And still I get harassed.

Technician name: Abdel. He’s from Morocco, been here 9 months, his supervisor also came out here and he’s from Morocco as well.

Technician phone number: ***-***-****. He wrote that on my receipt.

Technician ID: ****

Date of service: 8/27/14

COMCAST: What equipment are we talking about?

ME: One DVR box, one regular cable box, and one modem.

COMCAST: Do you have the serial number of the DVR box?

ME: No. I assume it's on the box and I don't have that anymore. I gave it to COMCAST! I might have it on some paperwork but that's iffy since it was 4 years ago.

COMCAST: I'll have to have that serial number in order to check the status.

ME: I don't have the serial number. Don't you have it? Shouldn't you have a record of the serial numbers of the equipment you gave me?

COMCAST: Yes, but I need to verify that the serial number on our records matches the serial number on the actual box.

ME: If I give you a serial number, it will be the one from your records because I still don't have the actual box so what's the difference if the number comes off my records or yours since my records are a carbon copy of yours??

COMCAST: Let me see if I can get the serial number.


COMCAST ***: Okay, I'm pulling up the serial number and it shows that DVR box was installed on August 27.

ME: That's my new box. The old one was installed 4 years ago, you need the serial number for that one.

COMCAST ***: Let me create a ticket for this.

ME: I already have a ticket. That's why I called. To check the status of that ticket.

COMCAST ***: Do you have the ticket number?

ME: Yes, it's 02*******

COMCAST *** ***: I see that ticket is still being processed.

ME: So what's the status? What has been done?

COMCAST *** ***: They're still trying to recover the equipment.

ME: Can I speak to a supervisor please?

COMCAST WASTE OF SKIN: Of course, hold one moment please.


COMCAST WASTE OF SKIN: Before I connect you to a supervisor, let me start another ticket on this so we can work on it.


COMCAST WASTE OF SKIN: Here is your new ticket number: 02*******

ME: Okay, got it...

COMCAST PERSON WHO MUST DIE: Will there be anything else I can help you with today?

ME: .... uh.... You know what? Nevermind.

And I hung up.

I looked at my most recent Comcast bill which I tried to view online but received an error message that access is limited because the primary user hasn’t set up their security PIN. I don’t even know what that is or why I suddenly need it when I never did before. Anyway, there are 2 charges on my bill that I don’t recognize. They are dated 9/1 and 9/2, they are for $50 each, and both descriptions say “Residential Trouble Call”. The only ‘trouble call’ I’ve made that resulted in someone actually showing up at my house was the day after Comcast sent Abdel out here. Nothing he installed worked right so Kenneth came out here, shook his head in frustration because of what he saw (Abdel did pretty much everything wrong), then he fixed it and we talked about how much of his time is wasted by having to go behind these guys to fix what they screw up. “They” being the incompetent contractors Comcast hires, which I didn’t even know about until Kenneth educated me. He promised there would be a $20 credit on my bill for the trouble, and indeed there is a $20 credit dated 8/28 as it should be. I didn’t call Comcast again until September 9 so I have no idea what those 2 $50 are all about.

I also keep thinking about when the technician came out to transfer our service he had to install some new cable and he told me someone would be out here within 3 days to bury it. That was August 27th. I’m still waiting.

Oh, and it appears that our 2 regular cable boxes (not the DVR box) are only picking up a fraction of the channels they should be getting so there’s that as well.

Seriously…if someone doesn’t fix this NOW, I’m going to end up on an episode of Snapped. But not until after I file complaints with the FCC and the BBB.

Shannon Green

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Credit my account for the 2 $50 charges, make Complete Recovery Corporation STOP contacting me, find the missing cable boxes and modem yourself, bury my cable, fix my other 2 cable boxes, never EVER send another contractor to my house..

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  • cable lines
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