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I ended up on I am so frustrated I burst into tears over this. I just started using Comcast internet about a month ago. I have had numerous problems. Bad connection, blank screens where videos should be, blank screens where simple images should be, web pages that load into a long page of codes and web pages that don't load at all. And this is happening when I'm connected directly to the modem. Not to mention the wireless connection is terrible also.

The worst of it started two days ago. Now for some background I am a full time college student, so I rely on the internet to do research for papers, emailing, and studying. I need to be online quite a few hours each day. So the last two days have been a nightmare. The wireless internet has been cutting in and out, numerouse error messages from Yahoo and Google saying that I am using an illegal URL, browser or whatnot. Needless to say, I have been so frustrated and irritated.

Just today, I have called countless times and get the machine. When I do get connected to a representative, they tell me to go reset the modem, reset the router and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...etc...etc...Basically, everything that I have already done by myself. The rare times that I got a connection these past two days, I went on the online chat with a representative on the Comcast website. Yesterday, I talked to one rep. who told me tha same thing the automated machine did. Reset this, reset that...etc. Today, I talked to four. Already on the *** of tears from spending hours trying to reset my router and resetting my wireless connection. The first one told me to delete my cache, history, etc... Wow what good that did. The second just ended the chat with me after giving him information for half an hour. The third told me to do this with my router, do that with my modem. And I got disconnected from the internet and from the chat. Obviously, he didn't know that would happen. I burst into tears from frustration, just thinking about the F I could recieve on my paper.

And finally the last one, who I believed solved the problem. I haven't been connected to the internet long enough to get disconnected yet. We will see if he fixed it. Finally, he gave me simple instructions. Ended the chat after about 15 minutes. Done.

Now I know it's their job and they aren't in direct connection to the CEO's of this terrible company, but if you work as a technical rep. shouldn't you know why I'm losing connection? Shouldn't you know how to fix it? And if you can't fix it, are you trained to hang up on the customer?

After this horrible experience, I am shaking with anger from, I do not trust this service. Their "customer garantee" policy is bogus. We pay hundreds of dollars a year, a month for some people and get horrible service in return. Some regions have no other services available to turn to; in certain locations Comcast is a monopoly. I feel terrible for being rude to the reps., but I myself feel so disrespected by Comcast.

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"Now I know it's their job...shouldn't you know why I'm losing connection? Shouldn't you know how to fix it?"

NOPE. The representatives can't see ANYTHING but the modem connected to their network and troubleshoot off of what you told them. When they pull up your modem in their system and it's doing just fine, they have to rely on the information YOU provide them and do their best to troubleshoot while blind to the actual equipment (YOUR equipment) causing the problem. Sounds like the problem was not related to your modem, as something other than resetting it resolved the problem (a bad splitter or a loose coax connection could also be responsible and it's arguable whether that's Comcast's fault or not).

Basically if you took steps to troubleshoot ANYTHING but the modem and that fixed the problem, then the problem was with YOUR equipment and NOT your internet service, and the reps would have had no visibility to your equipment to tell you why you were losing your connection without all the torturous troubleshooting they so sadistically subjected you to.

Sounds to me like a browser issue if you're sure you had really bypassed the router by that time. I've seen lots of crazy browser (Internet Explorer mostly) issues in my time. You should be thankful you got lucky enough to get a representative who was able to fix it at all considering they could have pawned you off to Microsoft where you could pay someone to do the same thing you expect Comcast to do for free for software that's not even made by them.

To make a long story short, when an issue is actually the fault of the cable company, you ain't gonna be able to fix it yourself or over the phone/chat unless you can replace the right equipment yourself (modem, splitters, cable wiring) or it's an activation issue. 99% of the time if it's a Comcast problem you're going to need a tech visit. Which is no fun, but necessary sometimes. If you finally resolved the problem by screwing around on your computer or with your own router, then Comcast's service was not the problem.

If you want your experience using the internet to be enjoyable, you need to put on some big boy pants and learn the basics. Your ISP is not responsible for your *** computer or your lack of expertise using it.

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