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Experience with Comcast's customer service, has led me to issue some sage advice to the public. Escape from them and sign up with other companies to service your TV and/or computer.

I realized yesterday that my mental ability to deal with them was deteriorating when I made the decision September 7th to NOT call Comcast for the entire month of September. I desperately needed a break. Yes, as a good paying customer all these years, my billing got all messed up and I have been trying to resolve it since July 2011. It all started in May 2011 when speaking to a customer service representative about a TV issue.

I was shocked when HE (didn't get his name) let me know that he discovered that Comcast had been overcharging me since January 2011. He quickly figured out credits due me. I was very happy. Then at the end of June 2011 I made the fatal error of wanting to pay all my bills online.

I put my Comcast payment in for July. Mid-July I called because of a TV problem and was surprised to learn that my July payment was in arrears with a late charge and returned check fee. I immediately called the billing department, waiting on hold for quite some time. I spoke to a representative who told me that if your bank doesn't accept the check payment, there is a hefty return fee along with the late fee.

I asked to speak to a supervisor upon which I gave her my confirmation number for the transaction. After being on hold, she returned letting me know that I had put in the incorrect information so the check was rejected by Comcast, hence the late fee and returned check charge. It had never even gotten to my bank. She mentioned that the transaction number isn't an indication of anything but she was able to look it up.

She was kind enough to *** the charges and the payment was put back through and she verified it was all okay. I called back at the end of July and was amazed to find out that I owed the same payment with additional late charges and check return fees. On hold again, and after speaking to another representative, I was transferred to another supervisor. She was so sorry that this was happening to me, blah – blah.

She told me that the bank again rejected my check so I let her know that it never reached the bank. She apologized profusely, suggesting I make a payment through a credit card. She would be glad to take all the other charges off. I asked her if I had put in my information as Marilyn Monroe with a phony amount and account no would I still get a confirmation n umber.

She told me yes and agreed that it didn't seem to make any sense. I guess Comcast just wants to appear to make customers feel as though they have paid. It would be interesting to find out how much of their profit comes from late fees. YA?

So I charged my monthly amount of around $125 to a credit card after having paid them all off several months ago. I hesitated to call Comcast back mid-August but due to a lack of service I needed to find out the problem. I just didn't want to hear that my billing was still a mess. Well it was and I was again in arrears of over $200.

So after being on hold for a while, I told the representative to just put me through to a supervisor. This supervisor, as the others, apologized up and down and was so sorry that I had been going through all this. She said she would fix it once and for all. As I was on hold I saw my life being consumed with a company called Comcast.

They couldn't get their stuff together and it was at my expense. The fact that these confirmation numbers are just fakes should be illegal and I am going to contact the FCC. She finally returned letting me know that I only owed a total of $106 plus some change. I told her I didn't have the address handy and would she email it so I could get the check out before I went out of town.

She agreed. Several days went by and I hadn't received the address. I didn't want to spend time going through all my messy piles of bills to get it. I needed to pack.

So I, reluctantly, sat down in my well-worn chair and called Comcast customer service again. The holding time was bothersome because all I could think of was getting stuff done for my trip. I finally spoke with a representative and asked her to give me the mailing address so I could get my bill out. She told me that she didn't have one, would I mind holding.

HOLD I did for twenty minutes, at which time I hung up. My mind was so wrapped up in leaving town; I just couldn't sit there anymore listening to the music while on hold. I got my phone book and looked up the nearest Comcast store, wrote the check for $107, and mailed it to them along with a note explaining what was going on and to please forward it to billing. Whew, I thought and went off on my trip.

It was a very nice break from Comcast. When I returned, I found that my payment envelope to Comcast had been returned "sender unknown". I was mortified. At that moment I decided to put off calling Comcast till October 1, so I could mentally take a break from this company's horrible customer service.

So I took off September with Comcast constantly on my mind. I had always paid all my bills on time but what was this company doing to me. During a terrible rain and flooding episode in my city, I had to call Comcast to check on the status of my TV and internet which had gone down. OH my, they told me I owed over $400 and was overdue.

I slammed down the phone and vowed to wait till October 1. On October 1, I found myself still putting off calling them, knowing I had till midnight. I got my mail and my goodness, I had a notice from Comcast warning me that they were going to cancel my service if I didn't pay September's bill. But I would still be in arrears over $300.

So I set aside a good hour to call them. I spoke to a representative asking her to give me the name, title and email address of someone in the company that could resolve my problem. She told me I had reached the National Call Center and they don't carry that type of information. I asked for the headquarters address and phone number, and again she let me know that she didn't have access to that.

So I was transferred to a supervisor. After being on hold again for a while, the supervisor also told me that they don't have any information on "important" people that could help me out. She recommended that I go online and talk to customer service live. Yes, that would certainly solve my problem.

She did tell me that she would put a rush for another supervisor from my area to call me back the next day. I think she forgot it was Sunday. I decided right at that moment to sit down and write this all out, publishing it everywhere I could, thereby letting the public know about the very lousy service Comcast put a customer through. It isn't worth the mental anxiety.

So "Public", hear my story. Beware of the giant company Comcast. Customer's service representatives are only there to appease you. I hope you got through all this.

It was very cathartic for my mental state so I thank you for listening. I am now looking into Satellite TV.

This is a very tired, disappointed, and angry customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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You mention contacting the FCC. They may or may not have juristriction over the billing practices of Comcast.

Better yet, I would suggest you contact and file a complaint with the " Public Service Comission " in your state. They would have more juristiction in a situation such as yours. Additionally companies like Comcast usually have some sort of Franchise License or agreement with your city or town so you could contact your City Hall and find the appropriate department to inform about this.

I would suggest contacting these agencies by telephone AND more importantly by written letter sent through the Post Office. I would use E Mail as a third option as e mails are easily overlooked, deleted or bypassed.

In complaints such as yours or situations that have happened to me I have always had the best result with a written ( typed or PC generated and printed ) letter sent through the mail.

Try to keep written corespondence as brief and to the point as you possibly can. Agencies such as your City Hall and your states Public Service Comission may not have time to read long and multi page letters as they would for corespondence having one page.

If your city or town also has a " Better Business Bureau " it would be a good idea to contact them as well.


OMGoodness. When I tried to turn on my cable this morning, I had nothing but the guide.

A call to Comcast revealed that my service was suspended even though I had just made a payment on Sep 28. They said the bank returned my check, only I didn't pay by check, I paid on-line. They said that was the same as a check and that the account number was invalid. I received no notice of this, no e-mail, call, snail mail, nothing -- just turned off my service.

I was told by the automated voice system that I could make a payment on-line with no charge to bring the bill current. Neat trick with no *** internet service since they suspended my service. So I pay by telephone incurring an additional $2.99 charge. I then called a different number and told customer service my complaint.

They took off the late fee and the telephone payment convenience fee, but not the $30 returned check fee. My bank also never got the debit to my account, so how could they return it. I've had ENOUGH!!!

Although I don't have many options for internet service, I am getting satellite installed this weekend. It seems like this rejected account information is a SCAM!


I call them sometimes just to cry because, every month i end up paying 150 dollars for internet alone. :cry no matter how many times they pay in full they say i never payed. There bastards.

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