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if you're one of the people whos concerning getting comcast internet service, never ever do it. The internet goes off frequently during the week, at least 3-5 times a week, extremely slow time to time.

What ticked off was today. This comcast truck comes out of nowhere and start cutting cords in front of my house that was for the internet. The internet went off, my brother goes and talk to the lady. She says Our neighbor was getting internet service but had no idea why our internet was off. Checked our modem box, and tells us we have to wait until wednesday (friday today) In order for the technician to come in. i doubt the dudes probably gonna come in 2 hours late and would say "oh we have to come in tomorrow again" as always. And why the *** am I suppose to wait and pay for their fing service and not be able to use the internet for 5 freaking days without any prior notice?? Are they kidding me?? their customer reps some of their services are terrible, slow, and ignorant. My new hiring class from my work even agreed on comcast had horrible customer services. I have no idea at all how this company is still on the business.

Since I dont have any internet access in my home, Im in front of my friends house waiting him for 2 hours, just to use internet. Do I seriously have to do this?? I have no idea at all why people are even joining comcast internet service. like 0% understanding.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #697676

You have their service, so clearly at some point you figured that all the negative talk about the company must be BS and they were actually good...

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