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Just want to say that I agree that Comcast's customer service is the worst ever. Does it even matter what my story is?

Just read all the reviews and know that there is a very good reason for so many customers being so intensely dissatisfied - me included. I've been on auto pay since I signed up two years ago. I tried to order a pay per view movie and got a message to phone customer service. So I did.

The first cal I waited 45 minutes and the call was dropped. The second call I was on hold 35 minutes before being disconnected. The 3rd time I was on hold 50 minutes and finally got a rep. After a lot of silence while he "looked up my payment information" the call was disconnected.

I called back a 4th time and guess what, "the office was closed until Monday". I should mention I went to the Comcast office on 2 different days this week returning equipment and was told I had a credit on my account. So it is a mystery why tonight I'm told my bill is "past due". It is my typical experience with Comcast.

Always an exercise in frustration.

Just be warned and avoid at all costs. They'd be completely out of business if people had a choice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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:( :( :( :( :( :( :(

COMCAST SUCKS! one day, I couldn't get all the channels on my tv, so a technician came over and said that our cable would be repaired in "2-3 business days" well, a week passed, and still no channels, still no technician,also, they have horrible customer service!

I'll probably switch to something different.

Does anyone know if AT&T has cable tv? :?


Agreed,im a gamer and i enjoy the internet,as well as fast internet and i waste 400 and something dollars on slow internet. Comcast is good but not all the time,they need to either fix this issue or its over with them getting all this money for nothing but slow internet that is slower then a turtle walking. :(

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