Columbia, Maryland
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Seriously, I have had Comcast for twenty years, but because of their monopoly in my county, I am screwed. My only other options are Verizon DSL...yes, remember dial-up ISPs at 0.5-1.5Mbps?...or satellite internet at a mindblowing 10Gbps and an equally mindblowing price tag.

It is like a bad marriage in a country where divorce is illegal.

And their customer service surveys? They know we hate them, the survey clearly states "you are rating the poor sap who works for us at below minimum wage, and not us greedy bastards in management who rob you blind for *** services."

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Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States #816247

I will be leaving Comcast Xfinity as soon as possible! My typical bill is over $250 per month.

I've been with them for over 12 years. That's $36,000 paid to them - and probably another 12 years I would have been with them. Long story short. Serive was out for a long time - like 3 weeks.

They just reimbursed me for the time that it was out. I wanted another $100 for my time and higher cell bill since the internet/wifi was out. They would not do it. IDIOTS!

All my past revenue, future revenue - none of it mattered to them. I am sure it will cost them more than $100 to find a replacement for me.

Really poor business sense!

I'm so happy - I get to tell them what I think of them by leaving! See ya, Comcast!

Walnut Creek, California, United States #693053

I just took Comcast to Small claims Court an I revived a judgement against them for $140 Court cost plus $1,000.00 and they are required to remove any negative information from my credit that was about $85 Total judgement $1,225.00.

The great thing is I know have a judgement against Comcast so the next people who want to sue can look up this case. (Comcast offered to settle for removing the $85 collection amount!) I obviously turned down such a lame offer!

Do not let people tell you you do not have a case and do not go to arbitration this is a waste of time! Get a judgement if you can for any amount if enough people do this things might change!

I spoke to a couple of attorney who said I would not prevail and Comcast told me I did not have a case.

GUESS WHO WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway I hope this helps

(Stop putting up with such bad service!)


Contact the Federal Communication Commission with your complaints. I did.


Comcast/Xfinity is one if thee worst monopolies on the face of the earth! Talk about too big to fail.

Price gouging, "do it yourself" service policies, horrible robotic customer service methods. This company is the only provider in our neighborhood, therefore we are slaves to their abuse. Government officials acting on behalf of the people need to stop these companies from taking over competition and preventing healthy competitive services so people have choices and have SOME control over these out-of-control companies. Comcast needs to be regulated as they have abused their endless power over customers who have no choices.

The government needs to stop allowing mergers of these massive entities. Why do they keep allowing them to grow to the point where they enslave whole communities, apt.

buildings, and other developments. If you have a choice, choose wisely & go elsewhere or you too, will become a slave to Comcast/Xfinity.

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