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I had Comcast internet service for 1 month before i moved to my new place and requested the service to be installed in my new place. I add cable to it as well.

I called on Feb.28 and next day I received the cable boxes but i had no conection for the cable nor internet. I called Comcast and the next available visit they had would be for Thursday march 7th. The technitian came to my bulding, called me from his cell phone asking what kind of service I requested, I explained it was for internet and cable and he aswered me: My paper work shows troubleshooting for internet, so I cannot help you. He hung up the phone and I tryed to reach him back without success.

I called Comcast and explained all that and they didn't really cared. They scheduled another visit for Sunday March 10th. For my surprise, a technitian arrived saying that the requested he had was just to conect internet, he showed me his paper work and indeed it didn't say anything about cable. Really???

I was more than pissed! I called Comcast AGAIN and explained the situation, they apologized saying that a technitian would come to my house today, march 14th to install the cable. I dont even have to finish the sentence, tright? Of course, NOBODY showed up!

I called Comcast AGAIN and i had another nice surprise: I had no visit scheduled!!! They never scheduled a visit for a technitian to come and stall my cable. After being 48 minutes on the ohone with Comcast (note that Im at work, i cannot be on the phone, im in risk of getting called off) they scheduled another visit for next Tuesday March 19th. Now lrts wait and see...

if nobody comes again, then I'll cancel this S%^&$@ service and I'll sue Comcast.

I have all the calls recorded.

I'm just waiting to see my bill... im wondering if they will have the guts to charge me for a service they never provided!

Im very disapointed with Comcast, very very very much!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Arlington, Virginia, United States #624666

They are the worst! Their customer service tech hung up the phone on me cause I requested to speak with a supervisor to help me with the sudden interruption of Internet for no reason! I am switching to Verizon today.

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