Jacksonville, Florida

We had a simple move 6 miles away. "Just disconnect my phone, internet and cable TV here - and activate it over there." Not such an easy task for Dumbcast.

Techs who left me new digital boxes that hadn't been activated ( I had to drive to the local Comcast center to return the box that didn't work because no one was available for THREE freaking days). We work from home so of course my cable internet didn't work for 2 days ( luckily we have an air card with Verizon for such emergencies). It's been two weeks and my home phone STILL doesn't work correctly. THREE techs have been here and no one can fix the problem which is when someone calls us, it hangs up on them.

The 1st 3 days, my home number was being forwarded to my CELL phone. Some person from India tells me , "Everything looks good from MY end - have you talked to your cell phone provider about this problem?" WHAT?? YOUR Comcast number is being forwarded to MY cell phone and you think it's Verizons problem? Wow.

I NEED the speed of cable internet so I have to keep that.

We gotta have TV, and I don't want to rewire my entire house for satellite ( not yet anyway) but I AM going to cancel my home phone service and switch to AT&T even though it costs me more money.

What a bad experience... again with Comcast.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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