Fort Wayne, Indiana
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i moved and comcast sent a man here to set it up they swithced it to 33.00 basic cable without my permission now i have no cable channels my pc is all screwed up i cant get my wireless going and i have phone service with them they told me 5 times my number will not change and it did ,i have a loved one in prison and nw he cannot call me because of their *** *** ups pissed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i moved on june 21st i told cmcast three weeks ahead of time and ask if my number would change comcast did this behind my back now i have no phone no cable and cant go wirelss they sent a guy here that was a contractor and screwed it all up the guy that set this up was chris he works with mtn brrok apts and they say he gives us the best deals this is *** now i cant talk to my loved one in the federal penn

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Loyola, California, United States #21670

Two times in a row comcast has manage to bring my box down and schedule me an appt. I came back from vacation turn my cable on it work for two hours and my cable was suspended, I called comcast paid the bill, and then my box was inop, comcast tried to fix it remotely no positve results so they schedule me a service tech to come see me and cause me to miss part of my work day, this is so bad, on their part, I hear is that big excuse of a word I am sorry. I guess qwest here I come

Hurleyville, New York, United States #21341

Comcast came to set up th service and wanted to make *** in th exterior wall of the house to pass a cable through. I refused as this would affect the integrity of the exterior cladding.

There was an existing hole in the floor with an old cable leading to the basement connection point. The technician tried in a pathetic and slovenly bad willed way to tie on the new cable and pull it through...and of course it broke..he then walked of the job saying they were not okayed to do this sort of work....I then got a private person to run the cable (no problem-took ten minutes of being intelligent and careful) and we then discovered that the internet system which was a part of the deal was not switched on by comcast--but they had been charging me for 2/3 months of NO serv ice.-.additionally we now found that they omited to give us the changer buttons..and the one originally supplied with the TV only switches the unit on and off and cant change channels.

Haleiwa, Hawaii, United States #21340

call their hq and ask to be tranferred to their executive support line. you will get an immediate response from them.

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