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Depending on which telephone option you select when you call, you will reach a different state or country each time you call.

A technician came to my home in June to fix an issue with tiling on all of my HD channels. He determined it was caused by a faulty splitter on the outside of my house which he replaced. My billing is setup on Auto Pay and I noticed on the following statement that I was charged for a $50 service call. I knew this was a mistake since customers do not pay for service calls caused by faulty outside equipment/wiring. I called Comcast and a woman with an accent answered "thank you for calling Comcast home of the customer guarantee" and promptly began reading from a script. I explained the situation, she said "no problem, I will issue a refund for the $50." She was rude, abrupt and I had no doubt she was reading from a script the entire call. I didn't believe what she told me, so I called back after about 5 days to confirm if the credit was issued and this time I selected a different phone option. Another woman with an accent answered. I asked if the $50 credit was issued. She said that not only was the $50 credit not issued, but there was no mention in the notes that I requested a $50 credit. The only thing the previous rep wrote was that I called in reference to the $50 service charge. The rep then went on to say I was charged because my equipment was faulty and I should have checked all the connections on my equipment and wiring before I scheduled the appointment. I told her that I did indeed check all the wiring and connections before I scheduled the appointment and that the problem was with the wiring outside the home, NOT inside the home. I should not have been charged for the service call. Since I know that Comcast has outsourced call centers in other countries, I was curious and asked if the previous rep was located in the U.S., she said the rep could have been located in Connecticut, Costa Rica or the Philippines, she couldn't really tell. I asked where she is located and she said Texas. I asked when I can expect to receive the credit for the $50 service call. She said that she is not authorized to issue the credit. I asked why she isn't, and she stated she can't issue a credit above $14 because she is not located in the call center where I live; only someone in the call center in my state can issue credits higher than $14. She then told me that she will submit a request for a $50 credit which will show as "pending" for two weeks or more to get approval and I will have to wait for 1-2 billing cycles to find out if the credit has posted. A supervisor in the call center where I live will review the notes on my account and then will determine whether or not I deserve a refund for the $50. It will depend on how good her notes are, she told me. I can't reach anyone in my area, because it is an outbound collections call center. I posted a complaint on the Xfinity web site Help and Support forums and received a generic response to send an email to We_can_help@cable.comcast.com. Of course they haven't responded back to my email yet.

No apology, no "I'm sorry you have to wait to receive your credit" and no "I'm sorry you were lied to by the previous rep". What does it take to get decent customer service and a refund from Comcast? Apparently a miracle!

Comcrap, home of the worst customer service guarantee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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What customer service.....paying for three lines only one words and that's off and on. Then told call another number!


I was quoted at a rate of $150 flat, after fees and taxes. Yet since my first bill it has been no less than $200 a month.

For the last year I have been fighting them for the correct amount that they quoted me. Now they want to change my "package" and charge me a whole new amount.


Simply no excuse for such terrible service. My husband is a director of outsourcing so I have sympathy for this business practice.

The six people I spoke with had heavy accents that I had great difficulty understanding. Among other issues, I was told my phone connection was poor and "Jeffrey" said he phone me back. Guess what? No call from Jeff.

Not one of my questions were answered. The rep simply switched to a different screen to read from. At times I was put on hold "for just a moment" (haha).

I believe a manager was consulted who advised the rep to read from another script that did not apply to my question. I thought AT&T's customer no-service was the worst but they have a rival with Comcast.


I agree, worst customer I have EVER experienced. All service agents located out of US, they read from a script, and don't listen to a word you are saying. I am beyond frustrated that I changed from AT&T to Comcast and at this point I am planning to cancel my service.


I signed up for something as simple as internet service. First tech, the "outside tech", was a third party contractor who used the F word in every other sentence, he needs to increase his vocabulary.

He checked and said that the line up to the house was fine but and "inside tech" would have to confirm the wiring inside. Two days later the inside tech showed up, actually tested the inside wires but checked the outside wires and found several breaks, no kidding, you can see the old wires sticking out of the ground. He ordered a new line with conduit burial and apologized that the did not have the equipment. Later that day I was informed that it would be 10+ days to get the outside wire in.

After several calls to: Virginia, Philippines, India, etc. they set up a tech for the next day. This tech shows up early Sunday and I explain to him what to do his response is "I DON'T BURY CABLES", guess he does not work either. He wanted to simply lay the cable across the lawn.

With two dogs that would have lasted less than a day. I explained that to him and his response was "if that happens then you will have to pay for repairs". I escorted him out of the yard and spent an additional two hours on the phone as well as a trip to the Xfinity store. Now supposedly they are going to get a rush line find and try to get it in the middle of next week.

Tomorrow I plan on making a trip to their corporate setup here in Denver and camping out until someone complies with the contractual agreement.

If they don't the next day will be spent filing a summons and complaint with Denver County Court, law school comes in handy. If it takes pain to get action, then I will be more than glad to do just that.


COMCAST - hands down the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE in my 60 years! Monopolies just do not care, folks.

Just this past two weeks, 3!!! missed appointments - lies, BS, and no one is responsible.


This is an example of what happens when companies outsource to other countries/vendors. Customer service is non existent and those of us who have Comcrap services have to deal with these idiots every time we have to call.

I have also been told about the "$14 credit limit" from one of those reps in the Philippines. I don't believe anything they tell me.


Totally agree. I had a similar issue...got cheated by them. Will never touch Comcast again.


Man ...I hate comcast . the only reason that Ihave to go back to comcast is becasue that i really have no choice. ATT does not serve my zipcode , and I can't install dish in my apartment complex. so I am stuck with comcast..

I was told by one of the managers at comcast the other day his name is ( ANTHONY ) with comcast initials (AYH) that he doesn't really care WEATHER OR NOT I cancel my service and he would be very okay with it...

I am actually thinking about starting a blog about him..


Follow up: I received a call from a supervisor in my local call center, she did give me the credit for the service call, plus an additional $20 for the trouble I have been through. When I mentioned about the two previous calls, she said that both reps I spoke to were employed by Convergys and she would forward a "coaching" to their supervisor.

She also told me that it is completely false that a rep cannot issue a credit over $14!

Verify everything you are told over the phone, you never know what is true and what is false.