Eagan, Minnesota

I tried to talk to someone locally with comcast and there is no local number to call. I have to drive to richfield to talk to someone about this problem .

TPT life is one of my favorite channels so to drop it without my knowledge is very poor dismissive service. When you pay for a certain service and then you purposely change the service , dont' let the customers know that your changing the service and then still charge them the same amount and even more so dont' have any avenue for them to disc their complaint. Calling Bangalore India about a local problem isn't helpful. They simply dont' have the information about our area.

I am actively searching out new service from another provider. MaryKryschyshen

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I'm a former comcast billing and Television tech rep. I hate the company more than you ever will, but to be honest with you, Comcast NEVER makes any channel changes w/o informing the customer.

Its always put on the bill. So either you get paperless, you didn't check your channel lineup for area or you just didn't read the entire bill.


Amen. I spent hours trying to find TPT-Life after getting that friggin' digital box (which I spent hours tyring to get to work, with zero instructions from Comcast). Finally, finally, someone at TPT (not Comcast) found that is it on channel Comcast channel 13, but not in HD. Maybe HD will come back later in June. But I won't bother asking Comcast about that.

A few years back, there was was a website called Comcast Must Die, devoted exclusively to tales of unpleasant consumer interactions with this Worst Company In the World. I think the site is gone now. Too bad --I would go there and vent some more. I'm almost mad enough to cut the Comcast cable and just put up a giant antenna on my roof.