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i am trying to put up a fence in my yard and the comcast box is right on the property line, my wife first goes to one of there locations and ask to have the boxed moved. of course the first thing that come out of there mouth is we have easway right to be there.knowing how big companies like this works, people do not know what they are talking about they just try to act like it.

so we go to planning board and come to find out the easway is in the front of the property not the back. we call again and a man come out and i ask him to move the box and he says can i more it here 3ft to the left and i say that not my property. then again the phranes come out we have easway and i explained to him no it is at the front of the property and so he starting walking away he says on going to planning and see. i said ok but i have already been there.

week go by nothing, wife calls again and the service rep says someone with contact you in 48 hours, a week laster no response. she call again this week and the service rep say this is still open and no one has contacted you. great minds were hired by comcast. no i do not know what to do, hire a lawyer and sue them???????????

the worste part i do not trust comcast with having the box on my property, i have pictures of them leaving on box open,half on ect after they finish working on something.

i have never complained about them coming on my property to do repair work and then leaving box open. children could really get themselves hurt by things like that.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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There is more than 1 easement the one cable uses is the energy right of way. Comcast cant just back a truck up an throw a pedistal anywhere.

Not sure how old your edition is but the pedistals are done b4 the homes are built using the property lines and energy easements. Moving a feederline is not a 5 minute job and very expensive your yard would need be trenched up to pull it out and move it.

I would go back to the zoning commission and ask where the energy easement is located and you could just go around the pedistal if this be the case. We are talking about a 2 foot tall 5 inch wide object not a brick shed.


Notify the Public Service Comission in your state.

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