I can bet that all of you people have either chronically not paid your bills or have expected Comcast to continue to "give" you all the promotions they can. Isn't one year enough for you, or do you feel ENTITLED?

Apparently, you fail to see the other side of as story and know only your own. There is no cable company out there that would even consider a second or in some cases, three separate promos. I'll bet you are the same people who are complaining.

If you changed companies, you will complain about them too, for reasons you yourself cause.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Canandaigua, New York, United States #600850

I have a business internet service in Englewood, Fl. In a failing economy, the business failed and was closed in October, 2012.

I was told by Comcast that I could relocate the service. I accepted that even though the business did not exist anymore. Now I have relocated to upstate NY ( for employment reasons, where comcast does not provide any service. I originally was told "if you move to an area Comcast does NOT provide service, we ( Comcast ) will cancel the contract, with NO termination fees".

They now state that I must buy out the entire remainder of the contract. This would be the final straw to send me into bankruptcy. I am willing to be responsible for my debts, however paying for a service that cannot be provided to me, seems like a scam. I guess that is how Comcast got so big, by screwing the small business person.

Did everyone forget what built this country? ANY help would be greatly appreciated


i agree with Anonymous a company cannot make money on promotion alone. As for you calling people Losers u should know that anyone who call names suffer from low self-esteem and misplaced self perception


To anonymous who wants to "file a complaint"

So, out of curiosity which Comcast office do you work for? It's a well known fact that companies like Comcast hire *** who troll internet forums posting phony testimonials or ripping customers who complain about their company. They are pathetic. These people lie outright, all for a measly salary at the expense of any moral character.

What's even sadder is that their children will grow up to be just as worthless and pathetic.

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