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Update by user Oct 12, 2015

I requested a transfer of service on 8/21/15. I didn't get an install date until a month later and a month of calling and the DATE was weeks AFTER that.

All installers that were sent out to my home were either incompetent or just plain out lazy. The 1st "installer" only installed my security & stated that he couldn't do ANYTHING else due to the work order. The work order should have been for security transfer, cable transfer and 2 cable outlets installed. So 2 more weeks of me waiting and having to take time away from my job-the 2nd "installer" said they came but was never seen!

So, in true Comcast fashion, ANOTHER WEEK went by and yet another "installer" (THIRD)has been sent out, but this time, this person was an cable installer or WHATEVER you want to call it BUT he couldn't do a wall-fish which was required for my home apparently. So, another week goes by and now we're at lucky # 4 (yeah right) FINALLY arrives with 15 mins left in my scheduling window...he walks in (no more than 5 feet in) and states that he could not process the work order because I LIVE IN A TOWNHOME!!!! Which i have NEVER heard of and I have YET to get a competent installer to come to my home and complete the services that I request from Xfinity. No customer should have to wait MONTHS for ANYTHING with Xfinity.

I have yet to get a new date.

I AM though, still getting excuses, lies, good for nothing apologies, the run-around and more lies. I have missed SEVERAL hours of work due to having to keep taking off to meet the installer, only for them not to do ANYTHING!

Long story short-ISSUE STILL GOING

Original review posted by user Sep 03, 2015

Comcast/Xfinity a.k.a. SUCKTAST has HORRIBLE customer service reps.

They either don't know the product, can't answer you, hangs up or can't speak proper English. I have YET to have a problem be resolved without speaking to AT LEAST 5 different reps during 5 different call and it has NEVER taken under an HOUR! This is just absolutely ridiculous. They can't possibly wonder why people are switching to AT&T!

They need to do an entire refresh of ALL customer service reps from the bottom, up or do some MAJOR training across ALL aspects of "Xfinity".

Thumbs down all around-Sorry!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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