Houston, Texas
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One month ago today, Hurricane Ike hit hard on Houston. We expected to lose power, which we did for two weeks. Once the electric was back up we figured our Internet/Cable we be up too.

Calls to Comcast can not give us an ETA. Some guy (contractor) walked into my backyard to survey the cable lines (which were never damaged in the storm.) He knew nothing more about service.

I have not seen one Comcast van in the area.

I'm cancelling my service as soon as AT& T comes through.

Oh yeah. And when we moved locations last year they "accidently" cancelled my email account. After screaming for an hour (my husband that is), they finally reopened the account they claim was no longer in existence.

They only lost about 2 weeks of emails.

Comcastic by asstic.

*Had it in Houston*

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Tallassee, Alabama, United States #44920

When we returned our modem to the Comcast office, the guy in front and the guy behind my husband in line were cancelling their service. Our neighbor across the street painted a 12-foot sign "Comcast Sucks." Not surprisingly, two days later I saw a Comcast van.

I found a number for their corporate office 800-593-9692.

Ask for the CEO. Maybe you'll get service then.


Can you believe this??? I called on 10/19 to ask for credit, and Comcast said that since I did not call every single day during my outage to report that I was not getting cable, they have no record of my cable being out, and will only give me credit for 9/13 and 9/14.

Then, I called Comcast again today, 10/24, to see if I could talk to a different CSR with more sense. She "discovered" a call I made to Comcast on 9/18 reporting an outage. So, what did she do? She only gave me credit for that one day.

According to Comcast, my cable went out on 9/13, came back on 9/14, was working from 9/15 to 9/18, had a glitch and was out on 9/18, then it was working fine from then on. I was out of cable and internet for two weeks, but Comcast is only going to credit me for 3 days. Comcast Sucks!!! My advice, call them every single hour during your next outage to report that your cable is out.

During this call, make sure you check to see if Comcast has records of your previous calls.

Your word means nothing to Comcast. If they show that your cable is working, then you have to pay.

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