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Having service through comcast has the point of me breaking down in anger. It took me a month to finally receive service when I first obtained it this summer 2014. When I first contacted comcast about obtaining their internet service I was told that they have serviced my apartment for over 20 years (LIE). The technicians that came out twice before my internet was actually installed told me they needed to drill holes in my wall because they couldn't find a signal which I told them was obviously wrong since a previous tenant had internet for 3 and half years! When the third technician came out (after multiple calls) he set up the internet, but I have had extreme problems ever since with the service quality. I have been to the local comcast service location to obtain new wires after troubleshooting myself through multiple bad wires connecting my equipment (Modem and Cable TV Box) and still have issues with signals and reliability. My internet connection cuts out randomly every 5 to 10 minutes EVERYDAY probably due to line failures and a weak signal. Since my installation a couple of months ago the service is still poor and the customer service even worse.

Firstly. every time I call comcast to resolve a technical issue or I always am transferred to multiple representatives. It is so ineffective to speak with 3-10 people on service calls just to resolve a technical problem or billing problem. When my first bill arrived I noticed that they transfer all set up costs to the consumer (which is terribly expensive at over $100), they also charged me for equipment I do not own including a modem (I have my own modem that works perfectly. It took me days and hours on the phone to resolve this simple charge to my account as I was transferred or told someone would contact me back (LIE).

Finally after resolving my billing question I still have had poor internet service and call comcast very often to go through troubleshooting. When it seems like my internet is working I hang up not knowing what to expect when my internet shuts off 5 minutes after every phone call. I have been on multiple phone calls with representatives an supervisors which all have shrugged me off. On my feedback for customer service calls I don't want to rate a particular person as bad to affect their job performance record, because I believe the whole ocmpany and culture of comcast is terrible (Which there is no option to select of course).

I have had 2 technicians come out to my home in the past week. I spend alot of time explaining my problems (Which no technician has access to so you have to tell each technician that comes out all your problems) with comcast internet. After explaining my problems the technicians usually replace multiple components of the wiring or splitters. Recently, they called the situation a "bad pre-wire" which obviously tells me that the service was set up wrong and not fixed with the plethera of technicians out to my home. To my knowledge, I have had the line replaced from my basement to feed replaced, all splitters have been replaced, transmitters have been replaced, but the wiring in the wall to the cable feed has not been replaced and could have on the last technician visit. The technician pulled the wire out of the wall and obviously damaged it as the sheathing came off and it was bent. He was unable to install a new wire for some unknown purpose and had a difficult time getting the cable out of the wall. To get the cable out of the wall he literally used plyers and a wrench to break open my wall (all the material is still on the floor) and get the wire out. He asked if he could drill more holes, but I obviously said no after all the damaged he caused to my property. I had to ask him to contact his supervisor about damage claims because he did not know and would not have told me he damaged my wall unless I checked. I was promised to recieve a call from the field supervisor(Which I HEARD ON THE PHONE DURING MY APPOINTMENT) and have no received it yet.

I called last night to get this matter fixed once and for all and was very happy with whom I spoke to. It seemed like everything was going to be resolved this morning at 8am. Well here I am at 9:12 with no internet one showed up. I checked my computer at 8:20 this morning and found out someone I hadnt even spoken to had scheduled the appointment for tomorrow at 8am. I still have damage done to my wall and the chunks and particles of drywall all over my floor.

This morning when I called the customer service line I spoke with 2 representatives. The first representative HUNG UP ON ME when I asked to be transferred to her supervisor. I called back and spoke to another gentleman who did transfer me to a supervisor. As always the supervisors to the call center are abrupt, rude, and can't wait to get you off the phone. I expained this whole ordeal with the manager and he proceeded to try to prove me wrong on my appointment time and insist I had never been lied to. The last I heard is that a field supervisor will call me about making an appointment (Like I am supposed to be believe that with everything that has happened to me)

Having comcast service feels like having another full time job just trying to receive the service I was garunteed when I sign up. I am constantly spending hours on the phone, taking time off from work for technician visits, and talking with disgruntled employees. I have never seen a happy technician come to my home...when I speak of my problems they say "Sounds about right" or "That's comcast".

I haven't received any reparations for any of my complaints or problems. Representatives have a habit of telling me that "they will speak to the billing department about offering a credit for my service" or "If our technician dosn't come out you will receive 1 free month of a premium channel". I HAVE SEEN NOTHING. I PAY THE SAME RATE FOR THE POOREST QUALITY INTERNET I HAVE EVER HAD AND RECEIVE EVEN POORER SERVICE.

I am ashamed to call myself a comcast customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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