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i recieved a bill in august for double my ammount plus a late fee. stating they never recieved my previous months payment.

i contacted them and provided thema date and check number of when i had paid but they assured me it was not recieved. i called bank to see if it cleared and it hadn't so i placed a stop payment on check. called comcast back and paid over phone for said bill and informed them i had placed a stop payment on check. in the meantime in august i came home from work on a saturday and found a huge truck going down my common driveway had pulled comcast wires down and i was completely without service for 24 hours.

i paid bill agaian what was state i owed and now i get a shut off noticesaying that i owe them 78.00. here they did recieve check i put a stop payment on and tried to cash it and there was a 25.00 returned check fee billed to them. they are now billing me for that which was their mistake and also charging me 32.00 for the man that came and fixed the wires outside in the common driveway plus another late fee and a charge to pay over the phone and 22.00 they said i did not pay on last bill. i have had it with comcast.

i have tried to staighten this out for days and i get no where with them. they tell me to pay 217.10 and then they will credit me next month. my bill should be 141.00. thye said if i do not pay the 217.10 the same thing will happen next month.

i do not have 217.00 to pay to comcast this month and i should not have to because i have paid all my bills every month with them. how dare they threaten to shut off service. they can take it out because i do not want to deal with them anymore. i will go to fios.

beware of comcast. they are truly rip offs!they treat their customers very poorly.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Are you sure you are not the one making a mistake in how you paid your bill, frankly reading your reveiw with all your spelling and grammar errors it is most likely the case of you not filling out the correct information, they are still in business because they most people pay their bills on time with the correct information, get someone with the basic understanding of the English language to help you out.

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