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I have a nightmare story about Comcast that has lead to a near nervous breakdown. I ordered and scheduled new service for my new home in April.

The service was to be turned on 6-weeks later. I called and confirmed the order the day before the scheduled installation. I was to get two DVRS, 1 cable box, phone and internet. I was quoted a price of $138 (fees, taxes included).

The day of the installation, they showed up with one cable box. I spent three hours on the phone with a "supervisor" asking why the technician couldn't return to the warehouse to pick up the equipment I ordered. I was told they are not allowed. The technician set up my internet and the one cable box.

I had to go to the Comcast office to pick up my DVRs, which I personally installed. By the time I was ready to use my was no longer working. I called at 10:30 p.m. and was on the phone until 12:15 a.m.

when the line suddenly started ringing to another que. Another CSR answered and forced me to start over as there were no "notes" in my account. I am a 34-year-old grown man who began sobbing because nothing with this company was working. After another 45 minutes on the phone with this CSR, she said it would take 2-3 hours to finish my internet connection and asked if she could call me back.

I hung up. I spoke with more than 20 people at Comcast (none of whom have a direct dial number, nor a supervisor with a direct dial number, or a number for customer complaints, etc.). Since June I have done little but go around and around with this company. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint because I was promised by more than 7 people at Comcast that I would not be charged the installation fee due to the fact that I did most of the installation myself.

I was also shocked to find my monthly service bill was not $138...but $182. After three more attempts (and a call from a "manager" over my BBB complaint, where I was informed I am paying a rental and usage fee for the DVRs and Cable Boxes) I finally just paid the bill. Yesterday they called stating they have not received my August payment. I have now had to take the time to speak with TWO CSRs to get this straightened out because my bank account shows the payment was made and accepted.

I am absolutely appalled that this company is allowed to do business anywhere. Large conglomorates with monopolies have no sense of customer satisfaction because they corner the market on their services. I have estimated that since 5/30/08 I have spent more than 40 hours on the phone with Comcast and have dealt with nearly 40 people. Due to the Comcast experience, I have lost faith in most businesses and, sadly, in most people.

No one actually cared that I was unsatisfied and no one from Comcast offered to help.

Through all this, I still paid the installation fee and am paying nearly $50 more a month for my service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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I have a headache from Comcast again.... This time I even contacted the "Vice President's Customer Service Complaint Line" - A bunch of c**p and a complete WASTE of my time...

I am currently awaiting At&t Uverse to come to my area...once they do... I am gone....

Lake Como, New Jersey, United States #36182

I cannot wait for verizon to get the FIOS installed throughout the State of Mass. I despise comcast.

They are going to be out of business when verizon get straightened out. I will be first in line. When I call the csr, I tell them Their service S***S and they are going to be out of business soon. I cannot wait.

They tell you no charge and then you are charged. It took them from July till last week to install a cable card. I was told there was a one time charge of $ 17.95 and no monthly fee. Now it is $ 5.00 per month and the excuse is, it is because I have other boxes.

I have been disgusted with comcast for so long now. Verizon isn't moving fast enough for me. Right now I only have 1 choice and that is Comcast. Please someone tell me how you can dial a telephone number and receive a totally different person on the other end, hang up physically dial it again and the same person answers.

I took my phone and dialed my cell phone # and got some other persons voice mail. I hung up and again I physically dialed my cell # and got the same persons voice mail.

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Now tell me how private our conversations are.

Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States #36172

why do you still pay them and have the service if you are so distraught?

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