Maple Grove, Minnesota

So we received our adapters, hooked them up which is the easy part... then trying to get them to work is another sad story.

They don't work, we did every thing that is asked; then we finally call them... 45 minutes later and after all their troubleshooting, they say they have to send a technician out. We call on a Friday, and they can't come out until late Tuesday. Four days?

Hows that for customer service. First they force you to rent additional equipment, then it doesn't work.

I really hate Comcast, and as soon as we have an alternative... they will be without our business.

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I have to agree with the initial posting. We just hooked up our adapters and two of the remotes do not work properly.

When contacting Comcast, they said that sometimes the remotes won't work to turn on or control your volume, so you will still need to use your original remote for that purpose...but you have to use your comcast remote to change channels. comcast is terrible.


say WOW... your an ***.

that isn't what was posted. comcast has terrible customer service, which WOW must be an comcast employee.


So, you were getting channels for free, and now youre pissed that you have to pay to get them ???




The worst cable TV service i have ever seen. Suddenly they took off my favorite channels History,Travel,ComedyCentral and much more :(

If i call customer service they say sorry as there was an error in line so i was getting all those channels and recommended me to take expanded basic service. Its all about making money.

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