How does Comcast cheat its Clients?

Not because Comcast is a big company is always going to tell the truth, it is a deceptive company, and manipulates the rights of its clients, and its lack of honesty is well known in America. Below I explain what has happened.

I had Comcast service for several years (Internet and Television) but one day I decided to cancel the TV only and went to the store to deliver the equipment, but the employee did not know if it was intentional or did not cancel all the service, then I went back to the store and I explained that they had misunderstood that I wanted to continue with the internet service.

Then the employee did not explain anything and I restored the service, I had not asked for your disconnection,then Comcast raised the rate to more than double the price, almost a year later I decided to cancel the service.

I want to comment that having service with Comcast It is desperate because your policy is to raise the price month after month, and then you have to invest a lot of time talking to employees who look like Robots trained for evil, to try to get you "Forgive" the debt.

Then the company did everything in its power to prevent me from leaving as a client, saying that they gave me the price more or less a fraction of what I paid, but I did not accept, so they changed their strategy and told me there was violated the contract, I explained to him that I was already outside the terms of the contract, because I had been a long time with them.

After a lot of discussion, they agreed and gave me the reason, and their representative told me on the phone that I did not owe anything, then a month later a bill arrives with a charge, which I did not pay attention to, I don't care, Comcast, and You can check my credit history, and I'll tell you who I am.

I'm not going to pay a penny for the supposed debt that Comcast,They are dishonest people. What do you think?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Comcast Cons: Poor excuses for bad service, Waste of my time.

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