Needham, Massachusetts
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I signed up for Comcast as they are the only game in town. Had my old phone number transfered from Verizon.

Did what Comcast told me to do weeks before the install to make sure it worked. Long story short, I had no phone service for 1 month. I called repeatedly (almost every day) and was told it would be fixed in 48 hours, until finally after 3 weeks someone actually checked and saw Comcast never put in the request. I lost tons of business as I have a summer dependent job, and summer is very short here.

I do not get cell service where I am. I am more than willing to pay my bill, starting with when the phone worked. I could not use this location when I had no phone. It is like getting a car without a steering wheel.

Now I am looking for an adjustment, and getting huge run arounds. Does anyone have an answer?

Monetary Loss: $280.

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Apparrently, phone companies like Comcast do not like to remove phone numbers from thier accounts. Someone is utilizing my cellphone number as a their own phone number in the Pinellas County area in Florida.

This needs to be conducted as soon as possible.

Phone companies are not supposed to use the same phone number for different individuals. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible.


You are better off with a " Real " phone company ( the utility that owns the phone lines on the street ). I had Comcast phone service for 2 weeks and dumped it to go back to my traditional phone co. Comcast, sound quality stinks, it is not true full duples, I was missing too many incomming calls with Comcast.


i have a phone now, but am looking for an adjustment on the bill, I am told that anything over $50 has to be dealt with by a seperate department, and they take 7 - 10 days. did it once, no one got back to me, and no adjustment. I tried again last week, but would love to get to top managment if I can.


Yes, AT&T

They are the best, Comcast just buys the service from them, remember if anything goes wrong the phone company has to fix it, not Comcast, so expect more delays & problems!

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