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AM I GOING TO HAVE TO CHOSE BETWEEN food and cable? I'm on SSI and cannot afford comcast at 70.00 / month with everything costs more.I feel like this is another SCAM!! IT IS SIMPLY UNACCEPATABLE,they think they will gain more customers,WRONG!!!,People cannot pay these insane money prices with the econmy,In my book, family first,then luxeries!MYpoint is this is unfair to the disabled and poor,wich we are both,wife has been disabled entire life due to espispy,she cannot work,i work part time,but do not make enough to pay for everything,AGAIN I SAY THIS IS WRONG!!!

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Food more important than any cable company, I going to shut down my cable also. In not worth the price of going without food. I can't see paying out 80.00 just to see tv.


Do you expect anyone to feel sorry for you? You don't need cable to live so stop you're whining.

You do realize that it's not Comcast's responsibility to make sure that you have your soap fix or are able to watch Oprah every day, don't you? Why don't you get the local channels? It's because you feel entitled to get the highest level but be able to only pay $20 a month because you're on a fixed income.

Grow the *** up.

You're online, that should be enough. If you're at the library (which I highly doubt) then go check out some FREE movies and stop you're *** complaining.


It appears that your computer is working just fine and you're able to afford internet access - read your news and catch up on your soaps from there. There are lots of things I'd like to have too, but alas, evil people and organizations expect me to pay for them.... :cry


It's possible to qualify for a "Senior Citizen" rate--IF Comcast offers such. I know AT&T was offering Senior Citizen rates on some of their services in florida.


:? If you can't afford it, you can't get it.

Sorry to hear about your situation, but Comcast (or other cable tv) is not a right. It is a "luxury", to use your term. This issue is not about fairness.

No one needs cable tv. Be glad you can put food on the table and have a roof over your head.

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