Chicago, Illinois

My DVR would not work, so I called tech support to send a signal to hopefully get my movies I had saved on the DVR. When it did not work, I asked tech support how long the DVR's last.

He did not know, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. I asked Paul the supervisor on Sunday Jan 26, 2014 at 8:25 pm central time (I hope conversation was TAPED) and when I asked Paul how long the DVR's last....his comment was "Do I know when a person is going to die?" REALLY???? you would compare a human to an electronic device??????????

What an ***.....I have never had such disrespect from a supervisor!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should be fired!!!

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So because they couldn't tell you exactly when DVRs stop working you get butthurt? Why was this escalated to a manager exactly?


You really know nothing about anything if you expect a concrete answer to when a device will die. There can be many reasons that a piece of equipment fails to work properly.

The hard drive may have become corrupt, parts overheat(especially since most people put their set top boxes in enclosed spaces, leading to heat becoming trapped), or software glitches. Electronic devices, like people, can die of many different complications.

I would say that his rhetorical question was apt for the situation. Grow up.


The best description of xfinity is " a pig with lip stick"'s still comcast :p