Salt Lake City, Utah

On July 1, 2013, we lost our Internet and phone service. Called that same day, spent hours on the phone with your reps. (send ping, unplug modem, reset modem, send another ping, etc., etc). Finally in another call that same day, we were told “we will have a serviceman at your house tomorrow between 3 to 6 pm.

July 2, So, the next day, wife uses annual leave, comes home early – AND NOONE SHOWS UP. We call back that same night, told “we have no record of any serviceman set to come to your house today”! “Someone will call within 24-48 hours”, AND “A manager will call you back within 1 hour”!!

July 3-4 (24-48 hours) NOONE CALLS!!

July 5 Take matters into my own hands, take two hours of annual leave from my work!! go to the local Comcast store, stand in line for an hour, and exchange the modem and the router (just hoping that might solve the problem). Store Manager “Landon” says he has filed a complaint for me, and a representative will call me back within 24-48 hours!! Call and activate the modem, it works for about an hour – then it and the phone go out. Start the process all over again.

July 8 Here we go again - NO CALL BACKS FROM ANYONE!!

July 10 Once again, after sitting on the phone forever – my wife is told 3 TIMES !! With me sitting right there listening “A serviceman will be there between 3-6 pm tomorrow”.

July 11 Once again – my wife *** work – comes home – AND NOONE SHOWS UP!!! AGAIN!! Call Comcast again – ONCE AGAIN – “We have no record of you having a service appointment for today – now it’s set for Sunday the 14th. After voicing our disbelief at this incredibly horrible service – they say “we will have a serviceman at your house tomorrow between 3-6 pm”. I call back one hour later to confirm – and the service appointment is still set for the 14th

SO – almost two weeks later – STILL NO INTERNET AND PHONE !! NOONE CALLS – NOONE SHOWS UP !!! NOTHING! INCREDIBLE. I guess it’s finally time to switch to Direct and be done with you people – wow after nine years of being a customer - - really??

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #714721

I have total empathy for you, I hate this company with every breath I take, basically had the same situation, except the *** on the phone cancelled our appt because I simply called to see if I could move it to an earlier time frame, but she cancelled the whole appt. And to beat everything I took time off because you know that they come when it's convinient for them and not for the customer!!

Bunch of *** I wish someone would wake up and see the light with these idiots and take away their monopoly in the cable business!!!

I won't call them anymore because you GET NOWHERE FAST WITH THE IDIOTS ON THE OTHER END!!!! And the so called supervisors are even just as *** as the call reps!!!

Denver, Colorado, United States #714696

COMCAST SUCKS - Their customer service is probably the very worst I have suffered in all of my 65 years doing business with AMORAL companies that do nothing but rip you off every chance they get, they do not improve their customer service, they do not spend money on fiber optic upgrades, they waiting time turns from 1-2 hour time period into an all day event waiting on these stinking rip offs.

Just as soon as something better comes along, I am *** canning this worthless company.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #692066

This company is the biggest RIP OFF of all the utility companies,,,everytime you turn around ( each year ) they are upping some fee or charge. I am so fed up with them and their charges.

We need a few more competitors in the market to give these thieves a run for their money, maybe then they'll pay attention to their LOYAL customers and give them a price break. They give great incentives to first time customers however the loyal customers just keep GETTING RATE INCREASES!!!!


We used to have WOW cable service and it was great. Switched to Comcast when we moved as it was the only cable service in the area.

It has been terrible. Half the channels drop out and go fuzzy, some channels no longer come in, and trying to get service has been a joke to say the least.

Plenty of calls to add to my current account but no calls back to fix what I have currently. I hope we get an alternate service in our area as I would change in a heartbeat.

to tommyj #714626

You need a service tech, something is wrong with the lines outside or inside the house for sure, once its addressed you'll be good to go! Make sure he is using his meter!


I feel your pain. 3 different 2-3 hr waits at the Comcast Store when we first got it i Jan.

after they forgot to send all the parts in their set it up at home yourself box. Then faulty equipment to return and get new. Now intermittent wifi not working. Scheduled appt.

No show. 1 hr on hold intermittently with customer service Friday night. Tried calling back 3 and got "there are no agents to assist you. Please try again later".

Called back 4th time and just hit random numbers. Got sales who did transfer me to service. Another hr on phone. Will call back tomorrow at 10.

They called at 11 and did finally send someone over who fixed the problem we hope. All in all 4-5 hrs of my time wasted I'll never get back. But at least with perserverence I got through. But it says volumes about how Comcast needs to try getting their own CEO's to try using their service lines.

They would get an eye opening experience. Also, my best friend is a Service Supervisor in MA and couldn't even give me a suggestion after I told her about my call back experience where I was told to just repeatedly call back by the automated system.


Comcast outsources some/all of there line services depending on the location. That outsourcer may be responsible for that area/region. So, yes, it's entirely possible that the actual source of the line issues are not communicated effectively to 'Comcast Central'.

Outsourcing is an effective way to 'pass the buck' and to limit liability!

I'd like to start each customer support conversion with "This call may be recorded for training purposes, and, accuracy". I wonder if they would just hang up!

Keep this post alive so it appears at the top. Maybe Comcast will get the hint.

to Me #691763

Cannot understand the service techs. I luv how they put you on hold and then hangup!!!

Why do we have only one game in town? What happened to the free market?

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #683091

We had Comcast internet for six months and I have never seen such gross incompetence anywhere else. The internet went down and of course we called to have it fixed.

The techs on the phone kept telling me that it was working just fine and it had to be our modem. Finally we managed to get a tech to come out and he told us that their was a break in the line that they've known about and were trying to pull permits to fix, but that it should be taken care of within a week. Two weeks later it's still not working so we call again and were told there is nothing wrong with our service, there was no record of a broken line and reset the modem. This went on for two months, including a trip to the local office where I was called a liar when I mentioned the broken line.

Of course I had pictures of the comcast crew digging the line up on my street and when she saw it she shrugged and said "not my problem". I canceled my service immediately and now have slower DSL, but it's worth it to never deal with Comcast again.

Salem, Oregon, United States #683090

I found this page through an MSN article today about the 12 worst companies.

First, I empathize with everyone's horrible experience. Taking time off work, no shows, bad or no phone service, bad installation, no local offices.....anyone would be furious. I am surprised Comcast made No. 2 and am thankful I've never had these horrible experiences. The posters' locations I read come from the South and East, I'm in Oregon, so I wonder if this is a regional problem.

I would encourage everyone to contact newspapers and some governing agency that has the power to make them accountable. I don't know who I'd call though. They seem to have a monopoly on services in all these states and apparently take advantage of this. Unfortunately, Dish and DirectTV also have poor ratings. This is a tough situation having to choose between the lesser of bad companies. :cry

Keep trying to find someone who will help you get this resolved. There has to be help out there. :?

Valparaiso, Indiana, United States #683082

The problems experienced by the posted complaints are mind boggling to me. I have had Comcast at two homes for years and when I have called I have had nothing less than superior service from them.

They have the most friendly and helpful service reps I have ever experienced. The technicians have arrived within the time window 99% of the time and when they haven't I received a call letting me know they are running just a bit late. I get calls from them letting me know they are on the way. In short, they have one of the best customer service reps a techs I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

I feel that the survey was purposely inaccurate. Maybe those taking the survey got to vote twice!

to HappyCustomer Seattle, Washington, United States #684717

So because others' experiences are different than yours, you jump directly to suggestions of fraud; implying that ONLY your experience is true. Happy for your good fortune, but not discounting others at the same time.

to HappyCustomer Troy, Michigan, United States #691862

I got $20 bucks on the fact this guy either works at Communistcast or either was paid by comcast to spread beautiful BS. I'm calling Bulls,,T

to HappyCustomer Seattle, Washington, United States #714694

Maybe you are connected to Comcast and thats why you are standing up for this unorganized company. Any company that sells a specail such as the old Triple Play package (phone, cable, internet) for $99.00 amonth for the first year and then raises the price at the end of that first year and the customer complains and asks to be disconnected and Comcast says we now have a new special for $79.00 amonth.

Mean while they are still advertising the Triple Play package for $99.00 under the new name of Bundling is ripping customers off!! Get a clue, this is a company that has no idea what it's doing a daily bases.

to HappyCustomer #734050

Really? So because you got good service it is impossible that anyone else, anywhere in the entire country, could get bad service?

You are an *** or you work for the company. It's mind boggling to me that you would even comment that. So when you say "They have the most friendly and helpful service reps I have ever experienced" you know this because you have spoken to almost all of them working for the company? DO you know how many millions of people have Comcast?

So 1 out of over 20 million customers is the expert on how grreat thier service is. Like I said...***!

New York, New York, United States #683010

Comcast is the absolute worst!!! I cancelled my service with them due to the number of times the cable went out and the cost being incredibly high.

Higher than the other cable and satellite companies. I called to see if they would lower the monthly cost to a more competitive rate. They said no. I called another cable company and signed up with them.

When I called Comcast to cancel, they then decided they would lower the rates. TOO *** LATE! They insisted they would be unable to do anything when i first called them. Then, I sent back all of the equipment and they sent me a bill saying that I kept one of their cables - which I did not.

I refused to pay the $60 ransom for this cable that was sent back so they turned me over to a collection agency. I'm 55 years old, have perfect credit and never in my life been late on a payment - and they sent me to a collection agency. *** call on their part.

I used to place many thousands of dollars of advertising on their system. Used to.

to paybackisayouknowwhat Detroit, Michigan, United States #691864

take them to small claims court

to paybackisayouknowwhat #734059

This is exactly what happened to my father also.

Madison, Mississippi, United States #682993

It is true Comcast has awful service. They treat customers like *** and if you change or add something to your plan they will screw your bill up and blame it on the customer.

I really wish there was another cable company I can deal with in Mississippi.


Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #682976

Will never use Comcast again, have been a loyal customer for over 15 years. Moving to a new home one of my first calls was to be to Comcast...after hours of searching for the right number and location I finally got a live person.

The address to my new home apparently did not show up on their GPS system although the post office and garbage men have no was told a site survey would need to be done and would take a week or more.

Well after 2 weeks called Comcast again and still they could not give me an answer....kicker is the new home is 1.5 miles from their office...they could have had the courtesy to at least call me or have an answer after 2 weeks. Needless to say have another TV/Internet provider

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