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I am a customer who buys cable TV, Internet and phone service from you. On 3/14 I lose my internet service. I call Comcast and spend 45 minutes on the phone try to get the problem diagnosed. They can't find the problem so I ask for a service call. It is set up for 3/16, between 8-11. I'm on the phone at for a couple of minutes around 9:30. Apparently that is the same time the tech is trying to reach me to confirm that I am home. I can't take the call because I'm already on the line. As a result my appointment is cancelled. First problem: NO ONE EVER TOLD ME WHEN I SET UP THE APPOINTMENT THAT 1.) A CONFIRMING CALL WOULD BE MADE THAT MORNING AND 2.) IF I DIDN'T TAKE THE CALL THE APPOINTMENT WOULD BE CANCELLED. NUTS.

I call and ask for another appointment and am given the 11-2 slot for the same day. I have now lost a 1/2 a day from work. A tech arrives ( nice guy) and in about 20 minutes tells me that my wireless router has failed and that I can get a new one from Comcast at no cost by either ordering one and having it shipped or visiting a Comcast outlet about 15 minutes from my job. I tell him I want to pick it up myself at the outlet. He says It is Bloomfield but he can't give me the address or the phone number because " they don't give us that information". NUTS.

I go online and Google "Comcast Bloomfield". A page appears. Surprise: No local phone number, no address. I call the 800 # on the screen and after going through a whole bunch of prompts am told to call some other 800 #. NUTS. I do some more googling and find the street address.The next day I take the 30 minutes round trip to visit the place. I take my ticket, wait in line. Then I'm told "You can't get routers from here, it's has to be done by mail." NUTS.

I then order the router on 3/17 and am told it will be 3-5 business days before I receive it. BY 3/28 I still don't have it so I call. At that point I'm told that it will be 2-3 weeks and that I must have " "misunderstood". I didn't "misunderstand" anything. I know what "3-5 days" sounds like, which happens to be nothing like " 2-3 weeks". They don't sound remotely alike.

In short, Comcast wastes the customer's time, make it difficult for them to get necessary information, and gives them incorrect information. On the service side of things I can't think of any other categories that are left to screw up. They disrespect their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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All of a sudden no channels are available above #22; only a "no signal" message appears where each should be. I've tried to call, but get put on "hold" indefinitely and hear nothing but recorded messages and menus--none of which address my problem.

Comcast is a lesson in abject frustration.

Why are they still in business? By the way, my payment is made automatically every month.

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