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MR.Tom Karinshak, Today i was put on hold for over two hours and cut off twice and transferred 3 times. I have been a comcast customer for over 15 years .

in the past 12 months my service has been horrorable, I would loose phone service, have constant internet interruptions, and lossof t.v programming, This horror story continues thru this year every month it's another problem .My most recent problem started in July I kept losing my connections and phone serv. I was sent an updated modem and the problems got worse. Finally a tech name lee came out and stated comcast was using the same signal as my dir. tv and tapped into my line.

He assured me he would fix it and stated all the splitters were bad . There would be no charge . I then started losing phone service. When i spoke toGregg ID 5zp and thenTakara on 7/27 540 pm they stated they noticed a phone #941 347 8538 I assured them my Phone # was 941 505 1663 for 14 years .

They said it would be corrected, and would creit me I then stated I was charged 64.20 for a serv. call they said that was an error. during the next few weeks my phone would go off an on . On 8/26 I spoke to Phenocia and then Antonio in retention they said there was glitch with the phone #.I was then referred to tech service on 8/26 at 220 pm and spoke to Alexander who claim to be mr fix it and stated in 24 hours everything would be corrected.

on 8/29 I lost phone service, I recieved a recorded call which due to the thick accent and bad connection I couldn,t understand. I had no phone serv. This morning I called customer serv,. and spoke to Penny, she claim to fix the problem and call Billing .After 45 minutes I reached tiffany who took the info and stated phone serv.

had not been corrected she put me on hold for 1 hour and 25 minutes . Finally Courtney cook, retook all my info and stated some one had reversed my request which caused me to loose my phone# and issued a new number she says tech is off till tueday and I can't get calls on my old number. I am writting you because of all the problems going back to last year loss of connection service t.v and now loss of my phone #, staff saying they will credit my account but don't follow threw I have made numerous phone calls and have spent countless hours on hold, only to have my service screwed up again and again the 14 yrears prior I had no problems but this last 12 months have been ***. Please help I am truly disgusted.

My Info is as follows John Muzio, 525 gold tree punta gorda fl 33955. account number 15515 163465-01-0 my orignal phone # 941 505 1663 . number they switched me to is 941 347 8538.

I await your reponse. Thankyou Mr John Muzio

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Comcast is a PS and A BS company, *** customer service

Bellaire, Texas, United States #711209

John.... Do you live in my house???? They are a nightmare and I am looking for an alternative.... would rather had slower internet that is actually reliable... And hopefully will find a company that keeps the promises they make to customers who have patiently dealt with years of unreliable service and dishonest customer reps.

Myra Ephross

Bellaire Texas

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