Portland, Oregon
Not resolved

With Comcast since 1993.Moving 4 times I’m a senior on a fixed income disabled. 9/2018 Andrew in loyalty dept started instant TV., never worked.

I called over 50 times, plus had rep come out in 1/2019. Returned all equipment 8/2019. They continue to Bill tried to resolve with several dept only was talked down to and brushed off. Double payment in May 2019 told I would be credited.

Then lied to and credit reversed plus late charges applied. All issues have screen shots plus found pegasus software loaded in the analytics of my phone only on the My Account screen with Comcast Billing. Pegasus is the software discovered designed in 2016 by the Israelis. It allows a person to read and listen in to your calls text and emails without you knowing it.

It only appeared from Comcast in May 2019 and July 2019. There is so much more to say

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