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I had problems so I called customer service, after 25 minutes on hold I reached a live person who walked me through the process of checking my Comcast supplied modem. It was determined that I had a faulty modem.

Went to local Comcast and picked up new combo modem router. For two days I had no Internet Service, no phone service but cable worked. Tech came out and fixed part of the problem but said he couldn't fix the modem unless I paid a $100 fee for the service. I refused and have called back on multiple occasions to resolve the problem to no avail.

I have never had worse customer service anywhere. If you have a choice in providers choose any one but COMCAST!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Naples, Florida, United States #601010

Have you changed your internet settings to coincide with the new router? For a tech to come out and adjust your settings you pay their fee or do it yourself. They get paid by their training and their time.

I know how to do it, and I would not drive my car and use my gas to come to your house and do it for you for free. Just because they are Comcast tech support does not mean they WORK for Comcast. They are independent contractors.

Turn off ALL your components, then check to make sure ALL connections are correct. Then turn on your computer FIRST, then the monitor, THEN the router/combo. Open your browser and see if your connection is restored. If not, post the brand and model of router here and I will help you since I do not have to drive or use my gas.

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