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had a agreement to keep my bill at 100.00 a month then started getting billed for 120.00,when calling the rep says its a 160.00 package will 140.00 sound ok......*** said that was the best he could do.I said Ill just cancel my acct.he says ok ,want it done right now.I ended up canceling service since they would not work to make it 100.00.I think well maybe just get a smaller package maybe that would work in my budget.I try to get all the info online took half a hour to get them to realize what I could afford.After asking three times if I had been a customer in the last 120 days not saying why they kept asking and telling me all about the package i wanted.Then come back with since you left within 120 days you can not get any discounted new customer packages,all services will be full price.So I guess this is my punishment for leaving their empire.Well Comcast I will sit outside and watch my grass grow before I give you another dollar.You pathetic losers i can not wait to see you go out of business when the rest of us realize what you are all about.You are not the only game in town idiots,guess you think there are enough fools to deal with your bs to keep you afloat you may just be suprised idiots.

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Let me explain how I came to have to talk with Comcast. Last week I inquired about a possible change in service to Verizon but was unable to do so because they had not yet wired my area and would need to put a dish on my roof.

I live in an apartment - and so that will not fly. I immediately called Verizon and told them to cancel my order and even got a confirmation number of my cancellation. When I got home from work yesterday I had no phone service. After a call that lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes on my cell phone - talking to 2 people from some other country who I could hardly understand, they so nicely agreed to put me back on the phone service - but since I was now not a new customer - my introductory rate would go up $20.00 a month.

I am be persecuted for investigating Verizon. I told them that I wanted my introductory rate back but they kept telling me - now it would be $20.00 more. I am going to have them take out all of there stuff as I figure I watch too much t.v.

and can exist with an antenna and a cell phone. Comcast is nothing but a bunch of robbers and I wish with all my heart that they go out of business!!!!


I guess I can appreciate the whole concept of promotional pricing. I don't know that it's wrong, but I can appreciate the frustration over trying to get the best deal.

I guess that's why they won't let you resubscribe to get a promotional price again.

They're okay in having you sign up for service again; they just don't want someone to get into this routine of canceling and signing up again just to keep getting the cheap deals. As for Comcast going out of business; I wouldn't hold my breath.


This is a bunch of bull. They are only in it for the profit and they are a bunch of robbers!!!!