Kearneysville, West Virginia
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I am a network engineer. My home Internet service is Comcast.

I have identified a new problem within Comcast's Internet infrastructure. At 8:00 PM on a weekday evening, there was nobody within Comcast who had the intelligence to even understand what I was talking about.

Support Representative "GAP" was fixated on my local equipment and I could not get him to understand that the problem was within the Comcast network. Also, there was no supervisor that was available that I could speak with about this problem.

It is VERY BAD when Comcast can't train their support people to understand when a problem is beyond a premise device problem and resides within their own internal network.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I spent 2 hours trying to get instructions on how to change the SMC and put it into bridge mode and was bumped to TIER 2 support to do this. We had requested that the installer, day of the appt., to put it into bridge mode so we could continue to use our own router - didn't do it. Got disconnected with Tier 1 support trying to get Tier 2 on the line. Talk about a flippin circus act.

Here's some good news:

1) Get ready to PAY PER MONTH for "Signature Service". Comcast has outsourced their tech support to supposedly trained people. I'm sure there are some good ones, but my last experience was totally amateur.

2) They want to control your computing experience and become the entity who can get in to your computers and fix them all, etc. Sorry, a definite NO to that one. I'll use a local person who can document for me what they are doing. What happens when they screw something up on my home desktop? Are they sending a signature VW beetle out with a dude in a tie to fix it for me?

Comcast has really good internet service in our area. They are absolutely pouring gas on that and lighting the match with the way they are handling their internet tech support.


I am not surprised by the comments from Comcast Reps and Supervisors. They do not care whether you stay with them or not. They make it so much trouble to get anything fixed that it is not worth our time because they know that other providers do the same and at some point we just have to be satisfied with what we have or do without.

Comcast is breaking the law by not providing enough bandwidth for the amount of consumers they have signed up, but they do not care because if anyone takes the trouble to get them into court (it isn't worth your time to do so) then they will simply pay a fine that will be easily covered by the millions they saved by not updating their equipment to provide the bandwidth.

This used to be a consumer market but it is now a corporate market. Our system is broken in that the corporations are protected more than the people. It is a shame to see that our whole system has become corrupt from local government all the way to the top. The little guy has no recourse while the guys with all the money have all the power.

I wish I could find someone to file class action suits against Comcast AND AT&T. Quitting their service is figured in and they know that when you quit for bad service that someone from one of the other companies will join them for the same reason.

Multimillion dollar judgements is all they understand.


Dear mr alleged 'network engineer', first and foremost without proper documentatian that you personally show me along with a picture I.d. I do not think you are nor have ever been a network engineer.

You probably think because you work on a computer all day that makes you some kinda supernerd when in all reality your just another toolbag that calls me everyday claiming your superior computer intellect. I get at least 2 calls a day from people like you that decide the first thing that needs to come out of there mouth when they call me is a statement belittling me about how much better they are then me about computer. Well guess what dickshit? So the *** am I.

I have been working collectivly doing network engineering for 6 years. You are not special and I will not give you a gold star you terd burglar.

Everytime a dooshy network engineer calls me like you it turns out to be a NIC or something as siple as a powercycle and then you idiots get mad at me claiming I changed firmware in your modem or some outrageous claim. So mr 'network engineer' if you have computer problems then fix that *** yourself with your holier than thou attitude you tard.


no one cares your a network engineer and if you want to talk to a comcast network engineer fly to india because it cheaper to pay another country to run the network half-assed


no one cares your a network engineer and if you want to talk to a comcast network engineer fly to india because it cheaper to pay another country to run the network half-assed


I'm sure comcast gets calls everyday from ***-ups like you that say "i'm an I.T. guy".

Or, "i'm an network engineer". If you people were really who you say you were, you wouldn't be calling.

It seems everyone denies there own incompetence. Get a real cert, a new isp and a life while you're at it!