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Why am I left on hold for 45 min to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Yet other times I am given an option to have a "call back and not lose my place in line?" This should be offered each time.

If you choose to stay with comcast, try calling back and picking the different selections. oddly picking something differetn will allow you to possibly get the call back choice. but you do have the hassle of calling back and listening to all of the prompts yet again. ridiculous.

no person calling them is going to be calling to want to hear all their items. it would be nice if the ceo would call his own company and listen to what is being said and how long it takes to get to a human.

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Don't you just love it when Comcast puts you on hold while they play the message, "...you are important to us..." for nearly 20 minutes or more? How ironic it is that their message is in total opposition to how long we're kept waiting.

Another of Comcast's problems is their packages include expensive sports channels, which we don't watch.

This is a total ripoff. It's about time sports enthusiasts pay for their own entertainment.