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I am not a Comcast costumer but I use to work for a Thursday party company. I just want to let Comcast customers know what is going to happen.

I won't leave my name because I can get in a lot of trouble for saying what I'm about to say. A lot of customers experience outages or very slow service. The reason this is happening so often is not because they don't have the speeds but most of the lines that they are sending those speeds through are approximately 50 to 60 years old. That being said when you call in about your service being *** and I know a lot of you do like I said earlier.

I did tech support/customer service trying to get you back online and I have got to be honest I sent out at least 10 tech tech visits every 50 calls. When people got me for support on the phone they always told me how they were happy that english was my first language but that's also going to change in the new year. Comcast has decides to shut down one of the centers, the one I use to work for.

So Comcast customers prepare to speak to a lot more feign people with language barriers. And prepare for a lot of scripted agents.

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Sacramento, California, United States #586959

Worst customer service I have ever experienced! The company as a whole does not value their customers.

I have had them as my cable provider and internet provider at different times over the years, and I am always dissatisified with the service they provide. I no longer use them for cable because there are alternatives, but they have a monopoly on the internet in my neighborhood. If I try to call to add service, I get right through to speak to someone (though, they are usually rude). If I call because there is a problem with my service, I sit on hold for a minimum for 30 minutes before I am able to speak to someone.

Furthermore, their prices sound decent in the beginning, but just ask them how it will go up after 6 months and then again after another 6 months! The price more than tripled for the internet service I wanted! And I had to go online and call multiple times just to order service! Additionally, the prices online are different from the prices on the phone.

It's cheaper online, but if you want to talk to someone, or if you can't order online because there is a problem with their website and they will only allow you to order service at your old address where you no longer live, you have to pay more! That is, unless you ask to be transferred to their "dot com" department, which is actually a third party company not owned by Comcast. Make sure to get the number before being transferred because the *** I was speaking to transferred me to a disconnected number. I almost think it was on purpose by the way he was speaking to me.

He basically chastised me for having Dish Network because I was in a contract. Well at least with DIsh their prices are fair and don't exponentially increase every 6 months, and if I have a problem, I can call and get through to someone in a reasonable amount of time! This dissatisfaction has been building up from a long line of bad experiences with this company.

How can they treat customers the way they do?! It's unfathomable!

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