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I get a discount on Comcast teleworker service through my employer. This service is advertised at 16 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. The download has always been at least 16 Mbps, but the upload sucks at 860 kbps! Mind you, before I even get into the description of my problem, keep in mind I have been in the cable industry myself for years, and have done everything; modem installs, troubleshooting signal level issues, ingress, noise problems and signal to noise issues. I started out as an installer, and worked my way up to headend jobs, so I know the end to end process of how their system works.

The problem: I call comcast teleworker support the first time. I am very cooperative with them, and calmly explain that I am getting a consistent 800 something kbps upload speed when it is advertised at 2 Mbps. (Keep in mind, if you are doing a speed test, and there is a cable problem that requires a tech to come to your house, your upload/download speeds will fluctuate! Otherwise, the possile issues are a problem with the billing codes, the modem is either the wrong type or is bad, or possibly the return is not split correctly going back to the CMTS.)

Call # 1 - I call the teleworker support line, they go through the usual; disconnect your router and connect directly to your computer, send the modem a hit to refresh the authorization, look at their Signal to noise, check the account codes, and they even have me connect a different computer, my laptop! Support says they need to send tech out to run a speed test and check lines. I know it won't help, but I indulge them.

Result - Technician comes out when my brother is home runs diagnostics, says all is good, and leaves without problem resolved.

Call # 2 - Call teleworker support, get a hold of "Mark," who says he cannot give me his last name. I explain the whole situation, and that I have worked these problems before. I ask him to check the modem to see if it is Docsis 2 instead of Docsis 1, and he says it's docsis 1, and will send tech out to replace with notes in the case.

Result - I have my brother stay here for the tech (*** work). I only did this because it seems cut and dry. Tech calls me before he gets to my house, and asks what he is supposed to be doing at my house. I patiently explain that he is supposed to swap the docsis 1 modem for a docsis 2 modem, and he asks me how to tell the difference. I tell him to ask his supervisor.

Result - Tech swaps the modem, which I confirm to be docsis 2 when I get home. The upload speed is still at 870 kbps.

Call # 3 - Call, and get a hold of "Mark" again. I calmly explain the situation, and that this must be fixed! I explain the possible scenarios for the problem, he agrees but says that the tech has to come out, and see it with his own computer, and run speed test before referring to a maintenance technician.

Result - The technician (Yul) comes out, I *** work this time. I show him the problem with multiple Nic cards connected, with my laptop connected, and he does not have a laptop! He tries to run his speed test with his meter, and the function does not work on his meter. He thinks it's broken, I think it's BS, but I'm still nice. He says he will have supervisor come out tomorrow, and run speed test. I never hear from supervisor, and the problem is not resolved!

Call # 4 - I call to speak with "Mark" one last time. This time I am livid! I told him that all of this is worthless, and I want to speak with a supervisor. He puts me on hold to call, and says he/she is out to lunch, and sometimes they need a day's notice. He tells me they will call the next day.

Result - They never call.

Call # 5 - Spoke with "Mark" again. Told him the supervisor did not call. He tells me, yesterday, the supervisor will call me by the end of the day.

Result - No call.

I get an employee discount on this service through my company. I am writing a letter to my executive level to cancel this employee discount.

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