Elk Grove, California
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So a few weeks ago, my wifi stopped working. I've had comcast for some time and I know it's the biggest hassle to get a customer service rep on the phone.

After being disconnected multiple times(!!!) the customer service rep was not able to fix my wifi connection and transferred me to their "wifi" tech support. Except instead of helping me resolve issues with THEIR equipment, for which I already pay a pretty penny for every month, they told me they were going to charge my accound 79$ to talk with a tech rep!!? Since when do I need to pay you to fix your own equipment that doesn't work half the time?! Soo fed up with Comcast!

This company has the worst customer service and every rep says the same thing, reading off some script! I would switch to a different provider in a heartbeat if I could!

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Your correct. They are reading off a script.

They need to do the basics first... cycle the modem, reboot the pc... I could never be a support person. I'd probably get fired the first day!


Its' been a month. Have you resolved this issue?

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