Jackson, Mississippi
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We have gone round and round with these buffoons. Since digital our tv has been freezing up, sputtering audio, switching shows, records 17 minutes of a 60 minute show----many more things.

Too numerous to name. Hours on the phone with these yahoos and no satisfaction. They have been out to our home 6 times since the first of the year. They WILL NOT take money off our bill.

They have even tried to charge us for a service call. I HATE THEM. I pay over $200 a month for this ***. And now to top it off, I just got my FREE converter boxes for my other two tv's and I am worried about hooking them up after reading this.

Such a crock. Then to top it off, when you call them, after holding for EVER, you talk some turd that transfers you and cuts you off and this bs starts all over again. Just got ATT in the neighborhood. Waiting to see how that turns out so perhaps there will be.

Solution. Netflix has already jacked people.

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I have the same problems, cable freezing up, blacking out, hadn't been able to use on demands for days now, the list goes on, only had this cable for about 2 months now and its the worst, calling customer service is a waste of time, they can't figure out what the problem is, comcast cable is too high to be having all these problems,

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