Houston, Texas
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We moved from Houston and returned the mini box with UPS tracking number. 2 weeks later we received and email from Steven James requesting us to return the equipment.

We mentioned to him/her via email that the equipment was returned and provided him/her with UPS tracking number. Few weeks later we received same email and following weeks later with him/her basically harassing us with unreturned equipment. We did call comcast and open a tracking ticket for the returned equipment. It's been 3 months now and every 2 weeks we receive emails harassing us that we did not return this equipment.

It's been very frustrating move for us. I would like to get compensated for the time spent on tracking this RETURNED equipment.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I am being harrassed by Steven May who I believe is a computerized bot. Emails daily about equipement I returned.

I sent a complaint to BBB, am not able to get hold of anyone except in the Philappines.

They are making me crazy. I need this harrassment to STOP.


Why the customers are not compensated every time COMCAST does mistakes, harass their clients, overcharge our bills, do not show up for scheduled appointments, lie about plans, we miss days waiting for services to be installed..... WHEN WILL THE FTC END UP THIS COMCAST MONOPOLY, lOW, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FALSE ADVERTISING??????


File a Better Business Bureau complaint and also reach out to your TV/news media. This is happening to virtually anyone who returns equipment.

Plus, now you can also spend loads of time on your credit report because you are double dinged: Comcast AND the collections agency.

Seven years til they fall off .. the gift that keeps on giving.


I did file a report with BBB. I know your post is old, but I don't want my credit ruined by this disgusting company that disgusting comcast has.

This has never happened and I read they are a scam and can ruin your credit. I will get a lawyer next.


What does the tracking info at UPS say regarding delivery of the package when you go to their site and track it? Either UPS says it was delivered or something else.

Your starting point is at UPS to find out what they did with the package. If it shows "delivered" print this out and supply to Comcast.