Knoxville, Tennessee
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I have been repeatedly contacted by a debt collecting company hired by comcast called Stellar corporation. They have claimed that I had a previous comcast bussiness account that was closed before an year, and I owe them $480 for an early termination fee.

I called comcast customer care team numerous time to resolve this matter, but either they kept on transfering my calls to different departments or keeping me on hold.I was called in late evening hours By the debt collecting agencies. I always had a residential account. In the last week i found out that it was some guy called Justin johnson who had these business account and used to live at the same residential address of mine. But, i wonder how can they do such mistakes and pass on such informations to the debt collecting companies.

They had no idea how much of my time they have wasted. I am very dissatisfied with them.I need a compensation for wasting my valuable time and energy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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File a BBB complaint and QUICKLY. Your credit report will be dinged at least twice: Comcast AND the collections.

Other providers are likely to 'demand' a deposit if they see those dings on your credit report.

You can also file a complaint with Comcast (they have a facebook page) but the BBB complaint will keep it out of house (public). Plus, businesses have to respond within 30 days.

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