San Lorenzo, California
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Hello. I am tired of working with Comcast.

(No I am not a costumer, and at this point never will be). Here is the issue. In a 6 week span, I ha been harassed by Comcast with 14 mailings asking me to join them. Now, dont get me wrong.

I have been trying for the past 9 months to be removed from thier mail lists. It is just getting even worse. What will it take to tell them to STOP.

I do not want their service (it sucks) and I do not want their mailings in my mail box. (Any of the 8 different ways they are spelling my name).

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Winter Garden, Florida, United States #280923

Call & ask to be removed dummy, instead of bad-mouthing something so freely!

to Jenny Jackson, Mississippi, United States #609625

jenny u must work for comcast. freedom of speech!! Comcast r crooks and everybody knows it and they r the dummies!!

to Jenny San Luis Obispo, California, United States #609660

Jenny, notice that the guy had been trying for 9 months to be removed...Just saying he might have tried working with them to start with. But agree, you must work for then badmouth the person who complains. Please read everything the guy wrote before going off on him.

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