Chicago, Illinois
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They kept saying the order was put in wrong. So kept rescheduling which is my 4th time now.

It's been a week and a half now and still no cable. The reps are clueless and supervisors. They need to get fired and hire new staff. They don't like doing their job.

Full of *** i hate comcast i hate their *** they suck and all employees there needs to be fired. They dont know what they r doing at all. instead of trying to listen to your questions.

They read notes from previous conversations. They act slow and clueless

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Yet, you keep rescheduling them to come and install your cable? Are you a glutton for punishment?

If you "hate" them so badly, why on earth would you consider rescheduling with them four times?

There are plenty of other cable companies out there, and if you keep subjecting yourself to a company that you feel is "slow and clueless", it's your own stinking fault. :x

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