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I have had comcast for a couple of years. On and off I had to disconnect due to there not being any funds.

Never had an early termination fee. I run out of money and move to a cheaper state where comcast is not offered. I have to use Spectrum Charter. When I was in my old state when I called for a disconnect, I was never told by the agent there would be an early termination fee.

I took the equipment to the local office and dropped it off and paid my final bill and again that girl never mentioned I would get or had an early termination fee. I paid my remaining balance and left. I move and set up my new service and leave to visit family in another state for Easter and come home to a $220 bill that states it is probably a bill for equipment not being returned. I called immediately and spoke to a rep and they stated I had $0 balance and to disregard bill.

The next day, i believe I got an email, and again called and spoke to an agent. He as well stated it was the equipment and it will fall off. Next day I get an email that states I am past due on this $220 and did a chat this time. After having this escalated, they finally put a ticket through but kindly asked that I have the chat sent to me via email because I was having the conversation on my mobile phone and could not print.

I would have to screen shot the whole conversation. That got escalated 2xs. I can have other multibillion dollar companies email me chats but not Comcast? Really That is bull.

When I exited out of the chat, it disappeared. I have no record of this conversation outside of the first guy's name. I was literally going to screen shot an hours worth of conversation. They guaranteed this issue would be resolved by monday at blaa blaa time but I do not trust escalation tickets anymore ever, that is why i wanted a copy of that conversation.

I am a single mom with a child on a feeding tube and we see 4 specialists and have zero money because I have to homeschool to keep his immune system healthy and live on his SSI and his child support in a cheaper state so we can survive. There were 4 agents who stated nothing about a early termination fee but the chat person behind the screen who can openly say whatever without feeling uncomfortable finally tells me about the early termination fee. That is the worst customer service i have EVER experienced. So comcast when I disconnected living in the other apartment once, why was I not charged an early termination fee but now that I am not in comcast region, I'm charged it?

I will contact the BBB and file a civil suit just over the whole injustice of it all. Comcast wants their attorneys who get paid hundreds and thousands of dollars a year to stand next to me and waste their money and time that is ok with me. I will do it. Someone has to stand up for the small person, especially the ones who live on such a restricted income that we did not ask for.

We cannot be bulldozed by these huge multibillion dollar companies. Its just wrong!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $220.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Comcast Cons: Information between reps is not consistent, Inconsistency between reps, Deceptive charging, Time consuming.

  • Bad Comcast Service
  • insane billing
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It falls to you to educate yourself when it comes to any service contract. As with any company that provides a contracted services there is always a ETF.

To claim ignorance of said ETF only shows your failure to read. You failed in one of the most basic of skills and seek to blame others to cover your failure. I understand money is tight but if it's as tight as you claim for medical reasons then why would you not read? Did you forget to do so?

Just because you were given a pass in the past doesn't mean that the concept of an early termination fee never existed in those contracts. I'm betting you've gotten really good at the sob story game. You couldn't help yourself and even did it in your original post. I fail to see what your life story has to do with your complaint.

You use it to garner sympathy and pity and in quite a few cases to dodge paying bills. Eventually you will run into people who no matter how much you cry and tell your tale will be able to do anything for you. That your particular sob story is the 50th they have had to listen to that day and they honestly don't care. It's been done to the point of overdone.

Why do you think it's all automated? By chat, email, and robocalls they have taken the human out of bill paying. No sob story to listen to no freebies to give away. This means it's more on you to educate yourself fully before you enter into any form of contract.

Be it a cellphone, Internet service, or cable TV it's your responsibility to know exactly what you are putting your name on. Read the emails fully.

Request a paper contract for your personal records. Protect yourself with knowledge.


If your income is so limited you probably shouldn't have ordered Comcast in the first place. How dense are you? Early termination fees are common knowledge, just like with cell phone contracts, so you're the *** if you didn't read any agreement you signed.