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Comcast - Inconsistent and Deceptive Customer Relations

I don't file complaints often and this is my first time filing a complaint with the BBB. My story begins one stormy summer night in Atlanta, when a lightning disrupted my internet service. I initially thought it was a temporary issue, but after realizing that others in my complex had internet service I began to suspect it was an issue on my end. After troubleshooting with multiple PC and Apple computers over wifi settings and hardware connections, I concluded that the cable modem provided by Comcast had been short-circuited by the storm. I spoke to two Comcast technical specialist on two separate phone calls, over a two-hour period, to patiently go through the varies tests I had gone through prior to my call. Both calls ended with the technical specialist concluding that the issue with my internet connection was attributed to the various internet devices connected to my modem/network (iPhone, iPad, kindle, wifi router, game console, MacBooks, a PC, etc..), some of which were hardwire to the modem with Cat-6 ethernet cables, and not the Comcast modem itself. Both technical specialists suggested that I call each device manufacturer to troubleshoot the issue. This was unsatisfactory for multiple reasons: the technical support team was not very skillful and only went through very basic troubleshooting tests (ex: try unplugging and replugging the modem), the technical support specialist never resolved my issue and did not seek another person to help with my issue, and both technical support members I spoke with blamed the various other device manufacturers as the source of the internet connectivity issues without much supportable reason and suggested I call those manufacturers for assistance. My wife, who analyzes customer services chats for various companies for insights also agreed that the call was poorly handled by Comcast. The very next morning I went to my local Comcast office with the defective modem to request an exchange. I waited approximately an hour and twenty before my name was called because numerous customers had come in with defective devices caused by the lightening storm the previous night. The Comcast representative I spoke to sounded very understanding and assured me that it was highly likely a defective modem and not something wrong with the other devices at my home. During this visit I also wanted to end my TV service because of my high monthly bill. This sales representative suggested I switch to another plan which lowered my monthly payment by 20$. I specifically asked the representative if I would be locked into a contract and the representative said no. with that assurance I agreed to the lower plan and was instructed to switch my old cable box to a newer cable box. I asked the representative if I would have to ship the old cable box to Comcast and she clearly stated I could come back to this office to drop it off. I asked if I would have to stay in the long line again and she said I can ask for her and she would take care of the old cable box for me. I was quite pleased with my interaction with this Comcast rep up to this point. Within 2 hours I went home, set up my new cable modem, verified that the internet was working again, set up my new cable box, and came back to the Comcast store to return the old cable box. Upon entering the Comcast store I was happy to see that the Comcast rep that I spoke to less than two hours ago was now in charge of the waiting ***. As soon as came up she instructed me to type my name for the ***. I told her I was simply returning the old cable box. She replied that I had to drop it off to a UPS store. I was a bit confused and irritated at her and told her that it was based on her guidance that I had returned to this store to drop off Comcast's own cable box without having to worry about shipping or waiting in line. The rep did apologize, said she did not remember me, and took the box from my hands. What was initially a pleasant face-to-face interaction was quickly extinguished and only made my Comcast experience worse 10 days later. Up to this point, all my interactions with Comcast were done without verification of being the account holder. The Comcast account is under my less-technically savvy wife who I married and moved in with a year ago, never added me as an authorized user for her Comcast account, and doesn't have the patience to deal with a telecommunications company, so I represent her during Comcast interactions. The changes made by the Comcast rep should not have been made according to Comcast's own policy because they were technically not authorized by the account holder (my wife). This became key to my next interactions with Comcast that revealed more shocking inconsistencies and deceptions on how they treat their customers locking them into contracts. Tens days after getting the new cable box my wife decided to watch CNN only to find that the channel was not "turned on" and had to be switched on by going on a web browser, logging on to my wife's Comcast account, and adding the channels to the digital cable box. The channels I wanted to add (such as CNN) were for free because it was part of our subscription, but it was an added headache for us because the box or Comcast didn't have all this ready for us. In the end, I never got the channels to work, but while I was logged into my wife's Comcast account I noticed that she was under a 3-year contract despite what the representative at the Comcast store said that we were not. Naturally, I was upset and called Comcast, using a landline, to reverse the changes. The first sales rep I spoke to said that the changes could not be reversed because I was not the account holder, nor was I authorized to make changes to the account. I said I understand, but then if that were the case, my wife never authorized to change the account to a 3-year contract. The representative said no changes could be made without my wife’s permission, so I continuously asked how were the changes made in the first place. I even asked them to show any signed document made by my wife that allowed her to be locked in a 3-year contract. Obviously, the representative could not produce this. I explained to the representative that it was absurd that a company could lie to their customers about locking them in 3-year contracts, allow unauthorized users to lock their own customers into 3-year contracts, not confirm with the authorized user that they were in a 3-year contract, and then prevent the unauthorized changes be reversed unless they spoke to the authorized user. This representative put me on hold and then the line got cut (i suspect the representative hung up on the call because I was using a landline and the timer was still counting on my end and made no attempt to call me back). Two more calls later, I was finally able to get my wife out of the contract by pretending to be my wife on the phone. One of the two calls, as my wife, I requested to add my husband (me) as an authorized user, which did not require any personal identification (my SSN, DOB, or mobile number). I was told it was done. The second call I asked to verify all the authorized users on the account and, to no surprise, there were no additional authorized users to my wife’s account. I again requested to add my name to the account, and once again the Comcast representative did not require any identification (my SSN, DOB, or mobile number) to add me as an authorized user of my wife’s Comcast account. Just a simple, letter-by-letter, spelling of my name. As of this writing, after 7 working hours of my life dealing with Comcast on the phone and in person, without any compensation for my distress and difficulty, my wife and I are still not sure if I am an authorized user of my wife’s Comcast account. I have had numerous experiences with Comcast over the years, each one negative on their own merit, but this 10-day ordeal was the worst thus far.
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Comcast Technical Support
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Comcast Customer NO Service

Comcast Customer Service is actually an "I'm very sorry" learned response, with NO resolution. I have had multiple problems with Comcast from the very beginning of service. I've swapped boxes over the course of almost 9 months. You can call your customer service center and tell them the problem and they will listen...they may even schedule a tech to come out, but these techs have little to no training and keep passing off the buck. After months of box issues, I was advised by someone in Corporate, Ms. Childs, that a new DVR Whole House System was about to be unleashed in October 2011 and that we would be on the top of their list for install. In March, 2012, we called Comcast to find out what happened. We were set up to have the system installed after one customer service person told us they did not have it in our area and a second customer service person, told us they would set us up with install. The first "turkey" to come to install was at my home for several hours and could not get the system to work properly after talking on the phone to a remote engineer. A second "turkey" tech came and swapped out remotes and assured me that the problem was solved. By the next day, same problem existed. A third tech arrived and still could not handle the problem so he gave my husband a cell phone number to call "Nick." We left multiple voice mails to "Nick" and never heard back. In a final attempt to get a supervisor on the phone, I was advised by another customer service person they they were VERY SORRY for our inconvenience but that a supervisor was not available at that time. I have since call DISHNET and they have installed a whole house DVR system in one try and everything works fine. If you are reading this, I hope you take my advice and do not sign up with Comcast because it will be aggravation if you have any technical problems.
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Comcast Technical Support