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Comcast in Alpharetta, Georgia - Horrible Customer Service - still no refund after 4 mo and 32 calls

Contacted Comcast on Sept 22nd to cancel services, spoke with a rep who was processing the request and informed me the prorated balance would be refunded to my account November 7th, received a bill from Comcast for service, contacted once again and discussed situation with another rep, in review he saw that the account was supposed to be cancelled, according to him, on the 24th. I argued and stated I had called on the 22nd but after a minute conceded the two days wasn’t worth arguing any further. The agent agreed to backdate the cancellation to the 24th and refund the unused portion of my services November 16th, opened a bill from Comcast showing an outstanding charge of $67. Contacted Comcast immediately and after 2 reps found out this was a $90 charge for non-return equipment. I stated we had never been told we needed to return the equipment and that we would do so immediately. Equipment was returned on Nov 17th to a Comcast brick and mortar facility and a receipt showing the return was obtained. Early December, contacted Comcast again to complete closing out the account. Agent stated it was in process but didn’t see the returned equipment December 29th, contacted Comcast yet again as I had not received the outstanding credit. Spoke to an agent who informed me that I had not received any credit because I was being charged for services from the backdated cancellation of Sept 24th through to November 17th when I returned my device. I disputed stating I had done what was required and it was Comcast’s issue if they couldn’t disconnect service after it was requested. I was told a research ticket was filed for their back office team to investigate internet usage to determine if they could complete the credit. I was told if there was no usage that the credit would be applied. I was told a supervisor would contact me within 2 weeks with the results – no contact ever January 15th Contacted Comcast, was routed through 4 agents, finally to a retention agent. After providing a detailed update of what has occurred provided a $60 credit and stated the Supervisor would have to provide the remaining amount but he/she was not in and would not be back in the office until that Thursday but when they arrive back they would process the remaining credit to 0 out the account and contact me. – no contact ever I contacted Comcast on January 22nd, finally reaching an agent after working my way through the sales department. I again explained my situation to a Billing rep who stated he couldn’t help. I asked for a supervisor and was promptly disconnected. Second call January 22nd, again routed through sales got ahold of an agent named Mike, he reviewed my account and was working on making the credit to the account when, surprise, promptly disconnected. It has been 4 months since cancelling my services. I am due approximately $23 in refund, yet Comcast has charged me $90 for equipment that I returned and haven’t been credited, in fact they have refused to provide a credit for the equipment yet they are in possession of it. I still don’t have my refund, I have been put into collections and threatened to report the past due amount to the credit bureaus. I have performed my duties in this relationship while Comcast has continually failed to follow up on their commitments.
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Comcast Internet Service
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Cancellation of Comcast Business Service

Comcast has to be the WORST company in America. I'm paying nearly $200/mo for their business internet. Nothing wrong with the internet service but God help you if you try to cancel. They make you jump through hoops just to get them to send you the cancellation (which you cannot do online). Then they won't send it to you. And, they say 60 days (2 full months at $200/mo) before they can flip the switch. They can turn it on in 15 minute but they have the audacity to bleed you for two additional months service before they can "get around" to turning it off. How companies like this manage to stay in business is beyond me. Two tin cans and a piece of string would be a major technological improvement. They won't let you talk to anyone in management. Their strategy is to simply wear you down till you just shut up and go away. They are absolutely HORRIBLE!!!
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Comcast Internet Service
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