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I wrote to the alleged customer experience vice president who didn't even bother to respond. Not at all suprising for this company who fraudulently charged me then sent me to collections!

This company broke a security camera then charged me for it. Said they were coming back then -suprise suprise - never showed up. Customer service couldn't even tell us who the person was who came to our house, never mind that they said he was coming back. They are such a joke.

That they fraudulently charged me when I cancelled my account after this incident, which was the 500th incident of poor service, horrible customer service, over charging, me begging for lesser charges, just shows what a *** company this really is.

That i wrote to the vp of customer experience who didnt even bother to reply should show every single person who reads this review TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS EVIL COMPANY WHO STEALS YOUR MONEY AND WONT RESPOND TO YOU!! FRAUDSTERS AND THIEVES!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Store Location: 286 Blue Hill Avenue, Boston, MA 02119, USA

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Nikita Z

The VP has his own welcome letter on their business site. And no, he won't contact you nor make it right.

Been there and done that. Contacted nearly everyone who is anyone at Comcast about their total lack of customer service. Everyone who is using their half baked service should terminate service. They brag on media about the big influx of customers to the point they don't have to drag customers in to make the big profits they are raking in...all of their customers need to stop services.

Bankrupt a corrupt company.

Do ourselves a favor. Shut them down.