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Comcast bombed me with advertising about their triple play for $79.99 a month for 12 months, and eventually I agreed started Dec. 12, 2012. It was a complete fraud. They sent me maybe 10 e-mails that my rate is $99.99. After at least 10 phone calls agent-supervisor Sharon (ID NWK34I) sent me a letter dated Dec. 19, 2012, with a detailed description of my charges. It was satisfactory, the first bill was in accordance with her letter, and I thought that the problem was settled. I was naive!

On Jan. 8 2013, I received an unsigned letter that they erred in billing me, and starting the next month my bill go up from $106 to $115.95! I have never accepted even the $106 charge!

I called to the Comcast headquarters in Philadelphia, a person named Chuck returned me a call and tried to convince me that because they give me a $25 credit, my $116-25=$91 still be good, and I need to be happy even though I signed for $79.99.

I am of 75 years old, and I may get heart attack from all this dealings. Just do not trust them and do not sign up with Comcast.

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You would probably do better signing up with DIRECTV.They have cheaper package's than COMCAST.Even with the $91.00 package your monthly bill will be over $100.00 with taxes.So you will not save.

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