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I signed up for Comcast service nearly 3 years ago. We used our own modem for internet service, which we purchased off newegg.com (and fortunately still have the receipt for).

However, they consistently billed us every month for a Comcast modem, so we had to call and dispute the charge, they would "credit" it back to our account (i.e. reflect it as though we were getting the modem for free), which I would then have to argue with the CSR to remove it completely so we could stop going through this circus every month. They constantly screwed up our bill, at one point charging us over double our regular amount (again for equipment we didn't have), then telling me I would have to pay it even though it was incorrect and they would credit it back to my account the following month. Finally we moved to an area where Comcast no longer had a monopoly and we were able to switch to Verizon FIOS, thank the heavens above.

In August, we made the switch. I received one final bill from Comcast in Sept. for $3. Thought I was finally free of the devil.

I get a call from a collections agency on 12/12, stating that I owe Comcast $33 and they turned me over to collections for non-payment. I contact Comcast and come to find out, they are accusing me of not returning the modem that I NEVER RECEIVED. The CSR told me my situation had been "escalated" and a rep would contact me in 48 hrs. Never got a call back, but received numerous calls from the collections agency.

I emailed Comcast corporate regarding the situation yesterday and still have heard nothing. They never sent me a bill or tried calling me or emailing me about this amount, which I guess they wouldn't because they know I would have disputed it right then and there. Fortunately, I still have all my chat logs, and emails to them regarding this, dating back into 2012. I even have that handy dandy little receipt they give you when you terminate your account that says "all equipment returned." I guess they figure they can strong arm people into paying money they don't owe, because people get scared when they hear a collections agency calling them.

I however, refuse to pay for something I don't owe. This is illegal, and fraudulent. How is this company allowed to operate like this?

A simple Google search shows this happens very frequently. This is a perfect opportunity for a lawsuit!

Monetary Loss: $33.

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Update: I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and received a call from Comcast Corporate within 2 days. They agreed that I was improperly billed for a modem and removed the filing with the collections office. Hopefully this will be the last of my dealings with Comcast.


Yes, I agree, people become fearful of collection agency calls, when they should be disputing the bogus charges, in writing, and then disputing with the three credit bureaus, as well. Maybe if millions of people would flood the bureaus with letters, they would figure out better ways to deal with ordinary people than extortion.


Hilarious! Obviously reading comprehension isn't your strong point.

May I recommend repeating 3rd grade so perhaps you can understand my post? I'm "crying" about Comcast submitting me to collections for equipment I did not receive. It is the principle of the matter, I can more than afford $33, but I refuse to pay for something that I never got. How about this?

Next time you go to a store, just go ahead and pay them for items and then leave the store without them. Then have that store accuse you of never paying them for the items that you didn't get and try to file a negative remark on your perfect credit.

And by the way, I received a FINAL bill from Comcast for $3.92; how do I know it was a final bill? Because it said FINAL BILL at the top.

Oh and the fact that I never received another one after that. Have a great day troll :grin


What $33.00 You are CRYING about $33.00.WTF.You knew you owed more than $3.00 after you closed the account.The nerve of some people.Alway's trying to get something for "Free".Pay the bill and Move on.