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Comcast in West Palm Beach, Florida - Poor service no follow thru

I have no internet no phone no cable going on 7 days, each time I call I am told they will be there the next day between 8 and 1 and then call between 2 and 5 and no one shows up you call again and they try to get a tech out In 5 days and they forget about the original ticket. call centers all over the world with no follow thru I have called three times a day each time after they fail to show up and get a different answer, no call back or response when I can get my service
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Comcast Internet Service
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Comcast in West Palm Beach, Florida - Info pent repair service

I have internet speed issues and have had 5 service visits from inside subcontractors who all told me that I need an outside comcast line tech to install an optical cable from the street box to my house and every time I make an apointment - they send the wrong people who CAN NOT do the job. I have even had two escalated tickets set up by managers ans still the wrong people show up. The last person ran another wrong outside cable which is still running across my lawn. I need the repair done correctly and only an outside optical cable will work. They keep telling me this but they csn not get it together.
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I have been experiencing similar issues in Palm Beach Gardens for the past two weeks. I am now switching to AT&T.

I understand that they are busy, but they are absolutely incompetent and what's worse, they don't care and make misrepresentations. The first technician told me it was an area-wide outage and that I had a high signal strength, which was good. Absolutely untrue. The new modem that Comcast recommended that I had to get operates at -5 to +5 and the signal was 7-8.

Motorola, the modem company, told me Comcast needed to lower the signal strength. I related that and another tech came out and verified that the strength at 8 was outside Comcast's own parameters, but he needed a maintenance tech to fix the amplifier at the curb. Sounds like the other guy's story.

This was an off the shelf modem from Best Buy - it's not lke I built it from scratch or anything. If Comcast knows that all these modems it recommends operate at -5 to +5, why do they set the power of their signal to anything outside that!??

I got the second tech's cell #, but he would not tell me his full name and he never answers or returns calls.

He promised to get the right tech out there and to call me to verify it was done. That was a week ago! In the meantime someone did come, but it was raining, but they didn't come back. I called twice daily at least to get someone back and the reps confirmed a "maintenance" tech was coming to fix THEIR equipment outside.

Yet another inside tech without a clue shows up and again promises to put in the order for the maintanence tech and does so in front of my wife on his cell. Again, no one shows up. Then the reps say only the inside tech can dispatch the maintanence tech and they can't, but no such order apears on the account.

I call back, get someone else and they say they have dispatched a maintenance tech.

Today the rep said he'd transfer me to the dispatch, put me on hold, then hung up. Ever notice these people refuse to give you anything but a first name and it's always a common name like Joe or Rosie? I love how the repeat everything you say to them and appologize for the inconvenience, like they actually care or are trying to solve anything.

These phone reps tell me they are notating my account with all the information, but when I call back the next day, the rep has no knowledge and no notes of any kind. That means the first rep who said he or she was putting a note in the account of all the issues lied.

That is just unacceptable. Well Comcast, congratulations. You lost a customer. AT&T comes on Monday!

Oh yeah, the first tech said he'd replace a 3 foot piece of cable for free eventhough it was fine, just because he had new cable with him. Then Comcast tells me I owe $60 for cable. Nice. That's just outright fraud.

I reported all this to Channel 25-West Palm. I hope they run the story.

This is a sad commentary on what happens when you have no real choice for a service and the provider of that service knows it and just doesn't care. What Comcast is doing and they way they act just isn't right.


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Cynthia, or Stacy?

Most like you are Jordan, as you posted the same thing under different names, if you want to scam for sales be honest.

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Comcast Internet Service

Comcast customer service sucks

Call at 7 cable out. Tell you they will send signal but wait a hour before you call back (BS!) Call at 8 told high volume of calls and disconnects you. Call at 8:30 on hold again forever then says transfering you to a agent rings then disconnects which happens twice. Now it is 9:00 and finally after holding 15 minutes I am told need a new box go pick it up myself or wait till Saturday at 5PM to get a service person. With a 11 year old and elderly mother who is home all day that is what I want to do wait till Saturday. Ask to speak to a supervisor as I have been a customer for 9 years you would think they could do better. Oh yeah did I mention after holding another 10 minutes for a Supervisor I was disconnected. Comcast customer service sucks and gets a big fat F for service. Glad I didn't switch my internet over to them1
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I originally contacted your service on September 27, 2012

I moved to a new residence in XXXXX on September 1, 2013

I placed a disconnect/reconnect order, scheduled for September 3rd, 2013. I was told to bring my "triple play" hardware with me, as all that is required is a quick reconnect.

What was supposed to be a 10 minute exercise ended up taking two hours.

The result:

A "new" converter was installed, done at the discretion of the installer This deviated from my understanding about what was to occur.

The old equipment was left behind......... I started getting dunning calls about the equipment.

The telephone service installation service was never completed (still no phone service, on September 30th)

On September 10, On demand and DVR service became unavailable. We called, stayed on hold and was told that the Xfinity platform had crashed but was "coming back up" Press the green button for 10 seconds and it should work"

On September 14, None of the events I had setup for recording actually recorded. We called, stayed on hold and was told that the Xfinity platform had crashed but was' coming back up" Press the green button for 10 seconds and it should work" Are they reading from a script?

On September 19, again none of the events I had setup for recording actually recorded. I called, stayed on hold (for TWO HOURS) and was told that the Xfinity platform had crashed but was' coming back up" Press the green button for 10 seconds and it should work". IT DID NOT

On September 21, same thing, (no recording or playback, a two hour thirty minute hold time)

Calls to your billing group have been useless, no satisfaction.

For the $2900 or so I have paid you over the last 12 months, something has to change.

I need a -phone call, from the regional manager of the Massachusetts region.

I want the installation cost completely refunded to me.

I want a conveniently scheduled time for a Comcast employee (not a sub) to come to my home and complete the installation.

Unless I hear from the regional manager mentioned above, by phone, no later than Wednesday, October 2nd., i will make other arrangements and buy my service from one of your competitors.

I'm at the end of my patience and am hoping someone within your organization cared enough about my business to react to my request.

Frank Costello

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Comcast Internet Service
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Comcast in West Palm Beach, Florida - Worst customer service ever

In brief: -I bought a modem that was included in a list provided by Comcast with approved modems. Result: That modem was not the right one, technician end up installing one from them and I had to pay the monthly fee -One day after the internet was connected it stop working -Report made by phone and an appointment was agree in 5 days. Technician never show up, what is worst, when I call it was as if I have never made any appointment at all. - I want to cancel the service and get my money back. Here I am in a rolling coster. More or less 10 phone calls with a waiting time of 15 minutes each with no results. Each time you call is like starting again. -After much effort I was promise a total refund and a confirmation email -The check never arrive, neither the confirmation email. I am very tired and frustrated. I stop. -Two months later instead of a check I got a BILL, yes a bill. For 50 bucks!! in addition of what I already payed they want extra 50? Its crazy, really crazy. -I call and they gave me a deal, I don't have to pay the extra 50, Ohh! thank you Comcast, and they don't give me my initial payment back !! Ohh so generous: Thank you COMCAST!! My advise: Look who is giving media service for years, look in the streets and see what company are the vans you see. There is only one service that is worth your money and is not Comcast. Good Luck.
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Comcast Internet Service
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