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The appointment was to put in another outlet in my new (to me) home. Window of time was 8-10 AM.

No call. He arrived at 9:55. The installer couldn't find the cables or source of service. He got frustrated.

He had to go under the house. It is a crawl space. He got dirty and angry. Then he blamed it on the house saying that the garage wasn't built with the house (it was) and things that didn't make sense to me so he got belligerent and confrontational.

I went into my house and locked the door. He went around to the other door and entered my house! He said he could come into my house because he was getting his equipment. He expressly did this after I locked him out and said I was calling Comcast.

I did, and then I called the police. He got in his van, still yelling and sped out of the (retirement 15 mph maximum speed limit). I am still very distressed about this and appalled that Comcast condones this behavior. They reluctantly agreed to send out another installer tomorrow.

I get free TV as part of my condominium dues. I just bought this place (a manufactured home) so am sure there was cable in the living room already and the property manager concurred.

I had to go to the local Xfinity store and request another installer. They are coming tomorrow.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Des Plaines, Illinois, United States #1217717

I had a Comcast installer for tv and internet and screwed up both times by different installers with bad attitudes. Let me tell you that this was escalating into scary when they acted so annoyed they raised their voices (I got two for one together to install) and tempers getting more annoyed by the minute.

I told them very quietly how much I appreciated them and how hard they work everywhere but that I understood but that my attorney was coming and should be here within 15 minutes to finish up a transaction. They still left annoyed but told me I would have to pay for a return the next time. I told them that would not be a problem.

Scared the *** out of me and you might have guessed there was no attorney coming. Be careful who you let in to your home.....for real!!!!!

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