Olathe, Kansas
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This is the most incompetent Cable/Internet provider I have ever had.The only thing that is consistent with this company is the error plagued bill every month.We called them today to make a payment and the rep argued with us that our service had been disconnected and needed to charge us a reconnect fee(our service was not disconnected).Every month our bill is inflated with bull *** charges and every month we have to dispute the bill.I feel sorry for the people who just pay their bill without checking it for accuracy because guarantee they are paying for more than they are receiving.I will be so glad to move to another area so I can have the option of using any other company than this mediocre one.

  • Inflated billing
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Just quit them and switch (if another Service provider is your area

Comcast spams this on some sites on the WWW:

We're sorry about your issues you are having

Please go to twitter and type in the new tweet field @ComcatCares

In translation:

We did this to spam ***. We are (NOT) sorry about your issues you are having with our services Please go to twitter and type in the new tweet field @ComcatCares Oh, wait we will *** it up And the IRRITATING "COURTESY" Notices are *** making people get irritated having to drag it on every single site How to fix: Track down location of one of the services GO THERE SPLASH WATER WITH AN BUCKET *SPLASH* Watch the fireworks!

(The Server SPARKING AND GETTING ENGULFED in flames) Don't forget the popcorn! ;)

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