Springfield, Florida

This cable company say one thing on they tv and ones you get the service your bill is not for the special you suppose to have your go up a little high they keep tacting on different change on your bill change everymonth you try to tell them what you can pay oh no they don't want to here that and when you call they never wrong and supervisors take while to call you back and you still paying for service and service not on at all they don't work with you at all it his false ad and prices and people who have the same service pay different price why do people with same service pay different price don't get this cable company they not right at all they words don't mean nothing at all

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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two things:

1) punctuation!! use it!!

2) you are obviously black, so who cares.

@Mister White

Wow! I agree that i couldn't understand anything that they wrote either but what really irked me was your racism.

Really you need to see a psychologist and figure out where all that hate came from maybe your dad raped you and now your taking it out on others. So then deal with that, and don’t try and bring other people down just because your butt hurt and can spell.